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PURIDAL S.L.U. and the story of DOG FIT by PreThis®

My name is Sandra Marcel, our dog suffered from osteoarthritis and spondylosis over 16 years ago. Natural products helped him return to a life full of activity. That was also our start of DOG FIT by PreThis®.

My nature-loving family comes from Andorra. The Principality of Andorra in the wonderful Pyrenees, right on the border between Spain and France and not far from the Principality of Monaco, is the ideal location for the main headquarters of our nature-loving company, along with the highest life expectancy and the cleanest water in Europe. Since the merger with the very successful German brand PreThis® and Chris Thiele, we have also been represented in Germany for over 16 years.

Our company was founded with the aim of producing innovative and purely natural feed supplements. Since then we have merged and expanded worldwide and sold our products in over 50 countries. As a result of the merger with PreThis® (renowned manufacturer of food supplements), in addition to DOG FIT by PreThis®, CAT FIT by PreThis®, HORSE FIT by PreThis®, which we sell worldwide with great success.

We have been keeping dogs, cats and horses for over 30 years. Our passion has become a calling that we enjoy every day with great pleasure. So we can make the world a little better for you and your animal.

We take our calling very seriously and travel all over the world for your pet in order to find the most effective natural remedies for our nutritional system. Veterinarians, animal healers and herbalists support us.

You can be sure that we only use the highest quality, most effective and compatible natural products with the best bio-usability. We owe it to you, your dog and the environment!

We are convinced that transparency and honesty are important. Our natural products are manufactured in Germany according to the strictest guidelines and the most modern technologies. We combine nature and technology for the benefit of your dog and can do something for his health with a clear conscience - a little more every day.

Everything is perfect for our customers! Many years of experience, very high-quality products, fast and affordable shipping, the best service and a competent hotline have set us apart for over 16 years.

Through new business concepts, a very intensive cooperation with nutrition experts, veterinarians, animal health practitioners and herbalists as well as many well-known manufacturers from all over the world, we were able to pave our way into a promising future.

Today we are active worldwide. Thanks to our loyal customers, who are convinced of our products, our reliability and our service, we have become one of the most successful and largest providers in the field of feed supplements for pets. That makes us very proud and we know very well who we owe it to!

We wish you and your dog good health!
Your Sandra Marcel from the DOG FIT by PreThis® team


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