DOG FIT by PreThis®
is HACCP certified!

Yorkshire TerrierThe application of the DOG FIT by PreThis® supplementary food for dogs is designed for the dog owners’ uncommon ease. Based on our experience in dealing with dogs and our knowledge of the characteristics of the animals, we are aware that can the dog can be reluctant to administer drugs and dietart supplements in many cases.  With DOG FIT by PreThis® however, this is very straightforward – We promise!

Many dogs simply refuse to swallow the drugs offered and often the dog owner is left with unsuccessful and frustrating struggle with his dog. This is not the case with the products of DOG FIT by PreThis®! All supplementary food of this quality product line are available in capsule form, whereby the dog owners simply plug the appropriate supplementary feed in a tasty treat for the dog or can be added as well in the daily feed. Due to the neutral taste of all food supplements the series DOG FIT by PreThis® the dog will not even notice thereof something!

How should I dispense DOG FIT by PreThis®?

The ideal dosage of the products is very simple, because on the package of each of the products, exact dosage instructions will be provided. Because the ideal dosage of nutrients in DOG FIT Joints is basically designed according to the body weight of the dog, this food supplement is available in three different sizes for the long-term joint health in dogs. This will facilitate the dog owner in the ideal care of his animal with the natural joint nutrient immensely! The three size units of DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM are designed for dogs with smaller, medium and large body size, the ideal size unit can be easily determined for your dog using the respective weights on the packages of the three products.

How compatible are the products of DOG FIT by PreThis®?

Since all additional feed of DOG FIT by PreThis® contain only natural ingredients, these health products for your dog does not cause intolerance reactions or side effects. All ingredients of our products are subject to constantly comprehensive and competent supervision, for which the certifications of the ingredients of all our products are issued. As a supplier for the individual ingredients we select only the most reputable companies and make us generally in advance of course, about the qualitative status of the individual substances.

Celebrate the good health of your dog!

Ideally, you do not even let it come to health problems in your dog and provide early preventative medicine to your four-legged friend. The additional food DOG FIT by PreThis® is optimal for this purpose, because these products are designed for both the prophylactic use as well as for the administration in acute cases. If these health products used in time for the dog, the various health problems such as joint problems, nervous related complaints and a weakened immune system can be avoided in advance. In acute cases, the additional food from DOG FIT by PreThis® unfold very quickly their special effects and help the dog’s body naturally going again to reach the familiar constitution quickly.

Allow your dog agility and vitality he deserves, and prevent harmful health effects in time! Only a healthy dog is a happy dog!