Patellar Luxation


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What is a patellar luxation in the dog and how is it caused?

Golden Retriever dogUnder a patellar luxation in the dog we understand a jump out of the knee from its natural position. In some cases the knee also returned to their normal position jump, in not a few cases however remains in the unnatural position. But there are also cases where a kneecap several times out and jumps back again. In all cases, if not a treatment is a serious threat to the affected joint arise – a joint wear occurs. The triggers for the Patella Luxation figures are very different and range from aover breeding of certain breeds of dogs on a unnoticed cartilage wear up to an insufficient amount of synovial fluid (joint grease) in the knee joints of dogs. The Patella Luxation is of course with strong pain and a reduced movement of the knee is connected and often due to the incorrect position of the knee to serious inflammation in the knee joints of the dogs. An osteoarthritis or even a Arthritis can arise.

How is a Patella Luxation handled?

As soon as the knee of a dog from their normal position jumps, this must be from a competent veterinary in most cases re-set. If the knee will not be back in their natural position, this is usually a surgical correction of the knee position is required. Fortunately jumps to the knee quite often by itself again. In any case it is of great importance for a Patella Luxation care must be taken to ensure that the joint cartilage of the animal is not damaged.

What can be done preventively against the Patella Luxation?

DOG FIT by PreThis JOINTSIn the event of a patellar luxation, usually from a cartilage decline and a reduced amount of synovial fluid in the knee joints of the dogs, preventive possibilities through which the jump out of the knee and this resulting damage to the knee can be avoided optimally in advance. It is in principle, for the receipt of the articular cartilage of the dogs and also for an adequate production of synovial fluid to ensure that what the dog the important joint nutrients MSM, Glucosamin and Chondroitin, as in DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS which should be administered. The production of the synovial fluid can also use the additional food DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS greenshell with extract of green-lip shell encourage very well.

Help joint nutrients also in a Patella luxation by over breeding?

DOG FIT by PreThis JOINTS greenshellEven if the ocer breeding is a danger for a Patella Luxation verts always recommend the dog owners to administer their animals highly concentrated joint nutrients, so that the tip of a possible Patella Luxation as long as possible and can counteract the knee in their natural position. It should be by a genetically determined, already existing Patella Luxation may damage and back formation of articular cartilage in the knee can come to the important joint nutrients the affected cartilage rebuilding and other joint disorders, like a painful arthrosis, ideal for prevention.

High-dose joint nutrients can help ease the pain

Since a Patella Luxation mostly are connected with strong pain, dog owners for the symptom relief. For this purpose, especially the chondroitin and the sulfurous MSM (Methylsulfonylmethan) is very helpful, since these two joint nutrients can develop a pain reducing effect in the joints of the dogs. You can also by this natural joint nutrients also joint inflammation by a Patella Luxation very well and can prevent the dog body in already existing sites of inflammation to help the natural healing process to activate.