Tartar and plaque in dogs

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Why should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Nobody does that with a wolf either! – One would like to think. In fact, it’s not that simple. A wild predator literally eats its prey skin and hair. When the prey is cut up, the fur of the torn animal cleans plaque from the teeth, chewing on bones rubs off residues and eating raw meat seems to be much better suited to keeping gums and teeth healthy than conventional ready-made dog food.

How does tartar form in dogs?

In principle, it can affect any dog, usually wrong feeding is to blame. Because while eating, the food mixed with saliva and bacteria found in the oral cavity form deposits on the teeth. The bacteria, which find optimal living conditions in the mouth and throat as well as in the light to yellowish plaque on the teeth, produce acids through their metabolism that attack the tooth enamel. The bacterial activity and mineral components of the saliva harden the soft plaque into hard tartar.

The consequences of tartar

Inflammation can accumulate at the tooth neck and lead to inflamed gums and bleeding gums. This can lead to receding gums, pain when eating and loosening of the teeth, which can even lead to the teeth falling out. In the worst case, germs and bacteria from the mouth enter the organism via the bloodstream. Heart, kidney and liver damage can be the result. That’s why tackling tartar is so important!

What can I do for my dog?

The first thought of many dog ​​owners is usually to clean the dog’s teeth manually. Whether with dental toys, or so-called dental snacks that promise to clean the teeth while snacking (in many cases they contain grain and sugar, which in turn promotes tartar), gels (often purely chemical clubs), sprays, etc. – the offers are numerous and keep coming in many cases by the animal feed industry itself. However, these methods usually succeed in getting rid of the tartar. The dog is still happy about toys or snacks, whether it helps or not doesn’t matter to him.

Do you brush your dog’s teeth every day?

Does brushing your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste help, like it does with humans? It may help a little against plaque, but tartar cannot be removed by brushing your teeth. In addition, many dogs do not see why their masters or mistresses should be allowed to scrub things in their mouths. You are right!

Brushing your dog’s teeth isn’t doing your dog any favors – it’s not species-appropriate and doesn’t help to remove existing tartar!

Can the vet help?

Teeth cleaning by the vet is possible, but dogs often react very stressed to the unpleasant treatment – that’s why the standard tooth cleaning also takes place under general anesthesia. This is to prevent panic reactions, injuries to the four-legged friend and the veterinarian due to excessive resistance.

But general anesthesia “only” for cleaning your teeth? For some dog owners, that seems like a crack at a nut, not to mention the costs and the not to be underestimated risk of a general anesthetic (especially with against sick and older dogs). And unfortunately such torture does not protect against new tartar.

DOG FIT by PreThis® WHITE dental plus Zahnsteinentferner für Hunde

Dental care with the power of nature

Many years ago we were looking for a natural alternative to classic tooth cleaning under anesthesia. However, we did not find anything for the time being. It was because there was a general lack of preparations for treating dogs. In addition, dogs were and are often treated with human medicine for a variety of diseases for this reason. Mostly insufficient, rarely optimal and mostly on a chemical basis. So we kept looking for a natural solution.

In conversations with our animal healers and herbal experts, we became aware of the types of algae and plants that were almost unknown in naturopathy. Their active ingredients reach the teeth via the saliva and are able to soften tartar. At the same time, they can prevent new deposits and contain many natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The species-appropriate and at the same time healthy dental care for dogs was found!

After many further investigations, we developed a special processing method and a method to produce durable granules. A granulate also has the advantage that it can easily be mixed with the feed. This was followed by extensive certification and the securing of ecologically sustainable sources. A new product finally found its way into our purely natural and coordinated nutrient system: DOG FIT by PreThis® WHITE dental plus.

The raw materials for WHITE dental plus are sustainably harvested by hand for us off the coasts of Ireland and in China and processed by us in a very complex and gentle manner. Sustainability is a very important topic for us to protect resources, not only professionally but also privately!

WHITE dental plus is 100% natural and vegan as well as:

Non-GMO, cruelty-free, gluten, fructose, yeast, soy and artificial additives.

animals free of additives

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