Chondroitin for dogs


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What is Chondroitin?

The Chondroitin is one of the so-called joint nutrients and constitutes an integral part of the articular cartilage of the dog. The special nutrient cannot be produced by the body of the dog independently and the cartilage needs to be supplied through the diet. Because of this, it may by various factors, for example by an unbalanced diet of animals, overloading or by the natural aging process to an undersupply of cartilage with chondroitin may quickly occur. In such a case, the articular cartilage can be restricted significantly in their important protective function for the dog’s joints.

What does the chondroitin do?

In the articular cartilage of the dogs, the chondroitin has the important task of providing both the flexibility of the cartilage cells and also for their stability against compression effects. The articular serve the dogs as protection against joint damage that arises from the load effects of the various movements. The chondroitin is responsible for ensuring that the articular cartilage can buffer this strain effects optimally, each chondrocytes provides both flexibility and stability, because the cartilage is often exposed under very strong compression. Should there be an unnoticed under concentration of chondroitin in the cartilage, keeping the cartilage cells under enormous stresses, sooner or later the cartilage should no longer be able to provide support and there can be severe cartilage damage which in turn causes long term various degenerative joint disease in dogs – Osteoarthritis is a possible consequence.

How does under supply of chondroitin occur?

Primarily a healthy diet of animals plays an important role and makes for an optimal supply of the articular cartilage in dogs naturally, because the dogs obtain chondroitin from its diet. . If the animal is fed very one-sided and on time with a low quality feed, there may be a shortage of chondrocytes with chondroitin. The second very common cause of undersupply of Chondroitin is the natural aging process of animals. In an advanced age of the animals, the concentration of joint nutrients decreases in cartilage and thus so does the amount of chondroitin in the cartilage gradually decreases.


When should chondroitin be administered?

The administration of chondroitin with the help of a special dietary supplement for dogs as the DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS is generally advisable if the dog shows abnormalities in his movements. In such cases the animals are already suffering from joint pain which may result from a cartilage shortage. The articular cartilage is supplied with a high dose of chondroitin, the cartilage cells can again optimally perform their important function of protecting the joints, making the joints optimally relieved. Ideally, leave it to the dog owners who do not even get that far and supply their dogs with the important Chondroitin as preventive measure!

Chondroitin is analgesic and anti-inflammatory:

Chondroitin helps in relieving existing joint problems and the related pain and inflammation very well. Because of this Dietary Supplements the body of the animals may display pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. The relief of these symptoms is done using chondroitin in purely natural way and therefore the dog’s body is not burdened by side effects, as may unfortunately be the case with many conventional medications.

Our DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS also contains chondroitin supplementary nutrients glucosamine and MSM.