Glucosamine for dogs


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Glucosamine – the important Dietary Supplements

The Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is needed in the body of the dog for the preservation and for the development of the joint cartilage, tendons and joint capsules. Primarily, the glucosamine unit regulates the relationship between cartilage development and cartilage degradation and therefore ensures that in each joint of the dogs is always an optimum amount of cartilage available. Since the articular ensure the protection of the dogs joints by, among others, absorb the costs arising from the movements of the animals shocks and vibrations, provides this extremely important nutrient matter for the health of all the joints. Should it by different circumstances lead to a lowering of Glucosamine, then a dangerous joints arthrosis can arise for the dogs.

If there is a shortage of glucosamine?

The Dietary Supplements Glucosamine cannot be produced by the body of the dog independently and therefore must be supplied through food supplements. The synovial fluid (joint fluid) serves as a transporter. It can sometimes by a non-balanced diet, heavy overloads and also by various causes of conditional breeds come to an undersupply, which can in turn attract a cartilage decline and various joint diseases by itself. The age of the dog is in this case an important factor, because at an advanced age of the animals reduces the body’s glucosamine concentration, whereby a lot of animals, especially in their final stage of life, suffer from joint problems. For this reason, every dog owner should timely ensure optimum supply of articular cartilage with a supplemental dose of glucosamine.

What happens in a joint wear?

Should joint cartilage degenerate and also set a usually occurring simultaneously degradation of synovial fluid, the joint of the dog is exposed to the considerable stress effects over time without protection. Since a decrease in cartilage and the buffer capacity of concerned cartilage is limited, this results in the worst case damage to the respective joint. Bone rubbing on bone, nerve to nerve, causes pain. It is spoken by osteoarthritis.

Without a treatment such a disorder may be associated with stiffeness in the joint. Use of highly concentrated glucosamine can be optimally counteracted already at an emerging arthritis. The affected joints are relieved by the regeneration of articular cartilage, which can also be symptoms of degenerative joint diseases usually kept to a minimum. Of course, the success of a treatment with a natural substance such as glucosamine is successful only if the possible joint disease has not yet progressed too far. We recommend a combination of the joint nutrients glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM for cartilage regeneration, an optimization of the synovial fluid and for the relief of inflammation within the joints.



Since this is a body’s Dietary Supplements, a constant administration for increasing the Glucosamine and thus to protect the joints of a dog is no obstacle. Basically our very high quality and certified glucosamine in the body of animals triggers no side effects. Ideally, our preparation DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS is already regularly fed with supplementary Chondroitin and MSM the dog in his early years, to develop an effective joint protection. But even in an acute case of painful joint problems, our product proves to be an ideal solution.