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Glucosamine – one of the most important joint nutrients

Glucosamine for dogs is an amino sugar that is needed in the dog’s body to maintain and build up joint cartilage, joint capsules and tendons. First and foremost, the glucosamine regulates the relationship between cartilage build-up and cartilage breakdown and therefore ensures that there is always an optimal amount of cartilage mass in each joint of the dog. Since the articular cartilage protects the dog’s joints by, among other things, cushioning the shocks and vibrations caused by the movements of the animals, this nutrient is an extremely important substance for the health of all joints. If there is a drop in the glucosamine level, it can joint wear will occur over time.

How can an undersupply of glucosamine occur?

The joint nutrient glucosamine cannot be produced independently by the dog’s body and must be supplied to the joints through food. The synovial fluid (joint fluid) serves as a transporter. Occasionally, an unbalanced diet, overexertion, but also various breed-related causes can lead to undersupply, which in turn can result in cartilage loss and various joint diseases. The age of the dogs is also an important factor here, because as the animals get older, the body’s own glucosamine concentration decreases, which means that many animals, like us humans, can suffer from joint problems, especially in the last part of their lives. For this reason, every dog ​​owner should ensure that the joint cartilage is optimally supplied with a supplementary dose of glucosamine in good time.

Arthrosis – the wear and tear of the joints

If articular cartilage regresses and the joint fluid deteriorates, which usually occurs at the same time, the dog’s joint will be defenseless against the considerable stresses over time. As the buffer capacity of the affected cartilage is also limited by a reduction in cartilage mass, the worst-case scenario is damage to the respective joint. Bones rub against bones, nerves against nerves, and pain can develop. arthrosis is spoken of as a result of joint wear.

Without treatment, such a disease can also be accompanied by stiffening of the joints. With the help of highly concentrated glucosamine, the onset of arthrosis can be optimally counteracted. Affected joints are relieved by the regeneration of the articular cartilage, which means that the symptoms of degenerative joint diseases can usually be reduced to a minimum.

Of course, treatment with a natural substance such as glucosamine can only be effective if the joint disease has not progressed too far. A joint that has been destroyed by arthrosis that is far advanced cannot be repaired by even the most effective preparation. We also recommend a combination of the joint nutrients glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM for cartilage regeneration, optimizing synovial fluid and relieving inflammation within the joints.


Since this is a natural joint nutrient, nothing stands in the way of constant administration to increase the glucosamine level and thus protect your dog’s joints. Ideally, our preparation DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS elements regularly fed to the dog at a young age in order to be able to build up effective joint protection. In an acute case of painful joint problems, our DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS as a product popular with dog owners, veterinarians and animal physiotherapists, as an ideal support.

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