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The green-lipped mussel – Perna canaliculus

The green-lipped mussel, also known as the green-lipped mussel, is a species of mussel that goes by the scientific name Perna canaliculus. It is mostly found in the waters off the New Zealand coast. The green-lipped mussel is very popular because of its tasty aroma, but in recent years the mussel species has become known primarily for its valuable ingredients. Mussel meat contains a large number of long-chain amino sugar compounds, which are summarized under the term glycosaminoglycans. These glycosaminoglycans are very well suited for supporting long-term joint health in dogs and can enable optimal and pain-free agility into old age.

How can the green-lipped mussel help my dog?

The glycosaminoglycans of the green-lipped mussel primarily promote the production of synovial fluid, which is important for the joints and is also often referred to as synovial fluid. The synovial fluid is found in every imaginable joint of all vertebrates and is a very viscous substance. Among other things, it ensures that the movements of the dogs do not cause bone abrasion in the joints, which would damage the bony joint components in the long term. Hence the more common term synovial fluid. Many degenerative conditions in the joints are nowadays attributed to an insufficient production of synovial fluid. But what leads to underproduction of synovial fluid? The causes for this are very broad and range from an unbalanced diet of the animals, various external factors to genetic triggers and the natural aging process of the dogs.

The joint cartilage also benefits from the green-lipped mussel

Furthermore, the glycosaminoglycans in the green-lipped mussel also have an indirect effect on the health of the joint cartilage, because the cartilage cells also benefit from a sufficient amount of synovial fluid in the joints. The cartilage cells are constantly dependent on the supply of important joint nutrients, which get into the interior of the cells through a fluid exchange between the cartilage mass and the surrounding tissue. The synovial fluid is an important transmitter for this, since the synovial fluid constantly releases the important joint nutrients to the cartilage cells – but also transports harmful substances away. The green-lipped mussel offers double protection for the dog’s joints and helps the dog from two sides to be able to maintain its agility into old age.

DOG FIT by PreThis JOINTS greenshell

DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS greenshell

By stimulating the production of the important synovial fluid, the glycosaminoglycans of the green-lipped mussel can also reduce the symptoms of various joint diseases. Many degenerative conditions of the joints are accompanied by pain and inflammation in the affected joints, which in most cases subsides noticeably for the dog when the dog’s body produces a sufficient amount of synovial fluid again. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, a combination with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM from our JOINTS is recommended. The green-lipped mussel is also ideal for use as a prophylactic to counteract joint problems in dogs in advance.

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