Green-lipped mussel for dogs


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The green-lipped mussel / Perna Canalicula – Perna canaliculus

A Perna Canalicula, also known as green-lipped mussel, a bivalve mollusc is guided by the scientific name Perna canaliculus, which occurs mainly in the waters off the New Zealand coast. The green-lipped mussel is renowned for its very tasty flavor, a high popularity, however, the mussel was known in recent years mainly by their very valuable ingredients. The green-lipped mussel contains a number of long-chain amino sugar compounds, which are collectively known as glycosaminoglycans. These glycosaminoglycans offer very suitable for supporting a long-term joint health in dogs and can allow the animal’s optimal and painless agility into their old age.

How can the Green-Lipped Mussel help my dog?

The glycosaminoglycans of Green-Lipped Mussel promote primarily the production of important synovial fluid for the joints, which is often called joint fluid. The synovial fluid found in every conceivable articulation of all vertebrates and is quite viscous substance. It provides, among others, ensure that no bone abrasion set by the movements of the dog in the joints, which would damage the bony joint components in the long term. Hence the more usual term of synovial fluid comes. Many degenerative conditions of the joints of dogs are now attributed to an insufficient production of synovial fluid. But what leads to a lower production of synovial fluid? The causes are very diverse, ranging from an unbalanced diet of the animals, on various external factors to genetic causes and the natural aging process of dogs.

The articular cartilage benefit from the green-lipped mussel

Furthermore, the glycosaminoglycans in the green lipped mussel also act indirectly on the health of articular cartilage, because the cartilage cells benefit from an adequate amount of synovial fluid in the joints. The cartilage cells are constantly dependent on the supply of important joint nutrients passing through a fluid exchange between the cartilage and surrounding tissue in the interior of the cells. For this purpose, the synovial fluid is an important transmitter, because the synovial fluid, constantly releases the important joint nutrients to the cartilage cells – but also removes harmful substances. So the green-lipped mussel provides a double protection for the dog’s joints and helps the dog from two sides, to preserve its agility into old age.

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Highly dosed green-lipped mussel extract

By stimulating the glycosaminoglycans of green lipped mussel production of major synovial fluid, and the symptoms of various joint diseases in dogs decrease. Many degenerative conditions of the joints are associated with pain, inflammation and stiffness in the affected joints, which subside noticeably for the dog in most cases, if the dog’s body again produces a sufficient amount of synovial fluid.

This relief of symptoms resulted from the high quality lubrication of the joints through the synovial fluid and the second from the healthy joint cartilage, which are supplied via the synovial fluid again optimally with nutrients. This may very well subside irritation and inflammation in the joint of a dog and the motion loads are compensated by the joint cartilage again optimally.

The green-lipped mussel is therefore ideally suited to counter joint problems in dogs in advance. Even in an acute case of joint problems it is recommended for every dog owner, administration of the important nutrients in Green-Lipped Mussel glycosaminoglycans such as those included in the certified Nutritional supplements for dogs DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS greendhell.