Colostrum for dogs


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Colostrum – the source of health

Colostrum is called the first milk, which is produced by a female mammal immediately after the birth of her baby in the mammary glands. This highly nutritious first milk is the newborn animals’ very first food in their lives, and contains a very high concentration of all important nutrients for the formation of the young immune system and vital antibodies of the mother, which serve for the protection of juveniles from the various pathogens. From these important nutrients and antibodies but not only young, but also already adult dogs can benefit.

The various nutrients and antibodies in colostrum

In all mammals, the body’s defenses after birth need some time to unfold correctly. For this reason, new-born animals are very susceptible to infectious diseases directly after childbirth. But nature has devised for this highly effective protection until the immune system of the offspring has fully developed and can independently provide against different pathogens – the antibodies in colostrum! These antibodies also offer an adult dog a very good support of the immune system and especially dogs that show a susceptibility to infections, can therefore benefit through colostrum. Furthermore, colostrum contains a high concentration of valuable nutrients, proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to fight free radicals. Dogs’ typical illnesses that can be caused by various pathogens can be effectively prevented and treated using colostrum, a natural source of health, to strengthen young and old dogs.

When should colostrum be administered?

Basically every dog owner can administer his animal colostrum because the first milk effectively supports the body’s immune system. If a dog because of illness show a decreased immune capacity and associated therewith, increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, it can also rapidly strengthen the natural defenses of the dog. Such immunodeficiency in the past can be treated very quickly using these antibodies and the dog can again enjoy optimal health and resistance to the large number of pathogens, which surround a dog daily. Colostrum gives strength and energy for a healthy dog’s life!

Avoid nutrient deficit with Colostrum

Since the natural colostrum contains a very high concentration of all important nutrients for the dog, when combined with the first milk is also very good a nutrient deficit counteract, since it is characterized by a very high content of many important vitamins, minerals and proteins. Also an existing nutritional deficiency in the body of a dog can be compensated in a very fast and in a very natural way again

Can Colostrum cause side effects?

Generally the colostrum triggers a dog no side effects or hypersensitivity reactions, because it is a purely natural substance, which every dog receives right after he was born from the female dog. Therefore, the colostrum may be administered absolutely safely over a longer period and also permanently for effective preventative medicine, the optimal nutrient and also for strengthening the immune system of the dog. Older dogs can benefit from the administration and enjoy an optimally functioning immune system even in his old age.


What is the origin of Colostrum?

The DOG FIT by PreThis® IMMUN colostrum meets the highest quality standards, derived exclusively from selected certified organic farms in Germany and Switzerland and is processed very gently in our ISO 9001 certified production process. We offer our Colostrum in powdered form in capsules. All essential nutrients thus remain in the capsules for a long time to receive and guarantee the best DOG FIT by PreThis® nutritional quality for the health and well-being of your dog!