Vestibular syndrome in dogs

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dog vestibular syndrome

What is vestibular syndrome?

Vestibular syndrome is a neurological disorder that affects your dog’s balance system. Symptoms can include dizziness, head tilt, swaying, staggering or rolling movements, and eye twitching (nystagmus). It is important to know that vestibular syndrome in dogs does not necessarily indicate a specific disease, but rather is a symptom of an underlying condition. It can have a variety of causes and most commonly affects older dogs, although it can affect dogs of any age.

Causes of vestibular syndrome

There are two types, peripheral and central. Peripheral vestibular syndrome is the most common type and is caused by problems in the inner ear. Possible causes may include ear infections, trauma, tumors, or hypothyroidism. Central vestibular syndrome is more serious and is caused by problems in the brain, such as infections, inflammation, tumors, or strokes.

Treatment of vestibular syndrome

Treatment of vestibular syndrome depends on the underlying cause. In some dogs, the syndrome can occur without an identifiable cause – this is called idiopathic vestibular syndrome. In these dogs, the prognosis is usually good, and many recover on their own within days to weeks. In other cases, if a specific cause is identified, specific treatment may be required.

The importance of the vitamin B complex

Evidence suggests that the vitamin B complex, particularly vitamin B12, plays a key role in nervous system health, including the vestibular system. Vitamin B12 is important for myelin formation, the substance that coats nerve fibers and ensures effective signal transmission. A deficiency of vitamin B12 can therefore lead to neurological problems.

Supplemental treatment with a vitamin B complex may help support balance system function and promote recovery in dogs with vestibular syndrome.

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