Jerusalem artichoke for dogs: Natural intestinal health

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Jerusalem artichoke for dogs

Jerusalem artichoke – a treasure of nature

Nature holds a multitude of treasures that are invaluable not only for us humans, but also for our beloved four-legged friends. One of these treasures is Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) or Topinambur, a plant that is often underestimated when it comes to promoting intestinal health in dogs. Find out now what Jerusalem artichoke is and why it is a valuable addition to the gut health of our furry friends.

What is Jerusalem Artichoke?

Jerusalem artichoke, also known as Earth pear or Topinambur, is a plant from the composite family. It originated in North America and was valued as a food by the indigenous peoples. Today, Jerusalem artichoke is native to many parts of the world and is known for its edible roots, which are rich in inulin.

Jerusalem artichoke and the intestinal flora

The intestinal flora, consisting of a variety of microorganisms, plays a crucial role in the health of dogs. A balanced intestinal flora is not only important for digestion, but also influences the immune system and the defences against pathogens. It contains a considerable amount of inulin, a soluble dietary fibre. Inulin serves as a prebiotic that promotes healthy gut bacteria. It acts as food for these beneficial bacteria, which in turn contribute to the production of short-chain fatty acids that protect the intestinal mucosa and support gut health.

Jerusalem artichoke after antibiotics, for worm infestation and giardia

The use of antibiotics can throw dogs’ intestinal flora out of balance, which can lead to digestive problems. This is where Jerusalem artichoke comes in. As a natural prebiotic, it can help restore the intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment and normalise digestion. Jerusalem artichokes can also provide valuable support in cases of worm infestation and giardia. These parasitic infections can put considerable strain on the gut. The promotion of a healthy intestinal flora through inulin in Jerusalem artichokes can help to mitigate the effects and speed up recovery.

Natural support for intestinal health

Our product DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL gastro is based on a carefully selected Ayurvedic formula that combines the power of Jerusalem artichoke with other natural ingredients such as organic ashwagandha, organic neem leaf powder, inulin and psyllium husk. This combination is designed to promote intestinal health in dogs, especially in cases of diarrhoea and soft faeces. Our experts recommend DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL gastro as an effective way to support your dog’s gut health. It offers a natural solution to balance the intestinal flora and improve digestion.


Jerusalem artichoke is a remarkable natural treasure from nature that can have a positive effect on the intestinal health of our dogs. With its ability to support the intestinal flora and promote digestion, Jerusalem artichoke deserves a permanent place in animal health care. Combined with other valuable ingredients in DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL gastro, it offers a holistic solution for your dog’s gut health. Treat your faithful companion to this natural support and ensure his well-being from the inside out.

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