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DOG FIT by PreThis is ISO Certified!


DOG FIT by PreThis® – The power of nature for healthy dogs

In production of all health supplements for dogs DOG FIT by PreThis® contains pure and natural ingredients only. Certified production paths and steady residue controls also complement the very high quality of raw materials and thus prevent extra burden on the organism of animals. The constant administration of DOG FIT by PreThis® triggers no side effects and hypersensitivity reactions, but also helps to prevent in advance in a natural way in improving a variety of health problems in dogs of any breed and body size. Thus, the DOG FIT by PreThis® food supplements is suitable both for use in acute problems, but also without restrictions for the prophylactic use for the effective prevention of various health effects in dogs!

We use only certified raw materials

Only natural raw materials and ingredients are used for the production of all DOG FIT by PreThis® products. The high quality of our raw materials also guarantees an exceptional degree of purity of the ingredients. Moreover, each individual commodity is meaningfully certification according to ISO 9001/9002, which provides information about the optimal purity and high standards of our careful processing quality. Our very high quality raw materials ensure achievement of optimal effectiveness of our DOG FIT Products.

All ingredients used are continuously monitored

Both our suppliers and our specialists check the individual ingredients purity in our products constantly, because we put greatest value on best quality standard. For our regular checks extensive testing is performed, through which individual raw materials and finished products have to go through. These important control procedures basically include both the experience gained from the extensive research with respect to the health of dogs as well as the knowledge of the effects of the individual substances to the body of the dog. All of our control processes flow into the certification of our products.

Only the latest production methods are used

The production of our food supplements for dogs is carried out exclusively with the help of the latest manufacturing techniques of this area well established pharmaceutical industry. This guarantees a gentle and residue-free processing. The products of our product group DOG FIT by PreThis® are constantly monitored even after the production on their purity and their effectiveness in relation to the particular application, so that the high standard of product quality can be assured consistently and permanently.

Experience and research are paying off

In the compilation of the individual ingredients in our products flow both the results of our long-term research, and the experiences of renowned dog expert and veterinarians are included. Since the long-term health of the dog depends on many different factors, the dose and composition of what ingredients the dog really needs is determined in this way before. Only because of the special coordination of our health supplements to the needs of the dog, he can enjoy a full health and a good quality of life even in his old age. The health of our dogs is like our own, by no means is a matter of choice and should be maintained extensively by every dog owner.

DOG FIT by PreThis® produces food supplements for all breeds in the highest possible quality. And yet we work every day to become even better – for the health of our four-legged friend is very important to us!