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DOG FIT by PreThis®

Our dog food supplements from the DOG FIT by PreThis® product range contain only selected and controlled ingredients of natural origin and no unwanted additives. A German production site, production routes certified according to HACCP ISO 9001 / 9002 and regular and extensive checks by independent laboratories complement the very high quality of raw materials.

We are very aware of our responsibility. Therefore, whenever possible, we prefer to use raw materials from sustainable cultivation and ecologically sound breeding. We owe it to you, your dog and the environment to protect our resources.

Our products are free from genetic engineering, animal testing, gluten, fructose, lactose, yeast, soy, palm oil, artificial flavors and preservatives.

We support your dog in a natural way in improving a wide variety of health problems and, ideally, in being able to avoid them in advance.

Nature gives us everything

We travel all over the world for your dog to track down the highest quality natural products with excellent bioavailability. For the production of our DOG FIT by PreThis® products, the high quality standard of our raw materials also guarantees an exceptional degree of purity of the individual ingredients. Only with an optimal degree of purity and our high standards of gentle processing of the ingredients is it possible to produce feed supplements of above-average quality. We have invested many years of research in optimizing our manufacturing processes. We combine raw materials of natural origin with the most modern technologies available to us and can therefore do something for the health of your dog with a clear conscience, a little bit more every day.

All ingredients used are subject to constant control

Both our raw material suppliers and our laboratory specialists constantly check the purity of the individual ingredients for our products, because we attach great importance to an unrestricted quality standard. Regular series of tests are scheduled for our controls, which the individual raw materials and the end products have to go through. Both the experience from extensive research and the knowledge of the mechanism of action of the individual substances on the organism of the dog flow into these important control procedures. All control processes are a basic requirement for HACCP certification and approval in Feed Quality.

Only the latest production methods are used

The production of our food supplements for dogs is carried out exclusively with the help of the latest manufacturing techniques of this area well established pharmaceutical industry. This guarantees a gentle and residue-free processing. The products of our product group DOG FIT by PreThis® are constantly monitored even after the production on their purity and their effectiveness in relation to the particular application, so that the high standard of product quality can be assured consistently and permanently.

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Experience and research pay off

The composition of the individual ingredients for our products incorporates both the results of our many years of research and the expertise of renowned veterinarians, animal health practitioners, herbal experts and nutritionists. Since the long-term health of dogs depends on many different factors, it was and is determined in this way which nutrients and, above all, in which dosage and composition dogs really need. Because the dog can only metabolize them completely if our feed supplements are tailored to their actual needs. The health of dogs is by no means a matter of course and should be extensively cared for. We give our best every day!

DOG FIT by PreThis® has been developing valuable feed supplements for all dog breeds in the highest possible quality for over 20 years. And yet we work every day to become even better. Research never stands still for us, because there is still so much to discover for keeping our dogs as healthy as possible.