DOG FIT by PreThis® FRESH with fresh herbs against bad breath! 16 natural herbals make fresh for a harmonized digestion and developing odor bacteria in the mouth.

Fights bad breath of dogs

DOG FIT by PreThis® FRESH fights bad breath of dogs with the natural power of special herbs.

Many of the dogs are struggling with a bad breath. This smells should be eliminated, because it often put serious problems behind it, the further consequences. Bad breath is often only a first symptom of other problems. The reasons for the bad breath are often either in the digestion or the bacteria in the mouth and throat. In the absence of treatment may result in damage to the teeth, but also to serious disruption of the gastro-intestinal tract. The bad breath only to cover up is understandably only a temporary solution – only if and when the causes will be fight then the bad breath can be finally eliminated.

Ingredients & effect

Bacteria and problems of the gastro-intestinal tract causes bad breath. Due to its unique combination of black cumin and 16 different herbs is the digestion harmonized and bacteria through the natural antibacterial and disinfecting effect of the ingredients is diminished.

Gentle and contractually ensure the natural active substances from DOG FIT by PreThis® FRESH for a fresh breath, a healthy flora and a healthy digestion. In addition to FRESH, we recommend the use of DOG FIT by PreThis® WHITE dental, because the product supports the removal of tartar and plaque and complements the effect of FRESH.

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DOG FIT by PreThis® FRESH ingredients:
64% black cumin shot (NIGELLA SATIVA)
30% herbal mixture of 16 high-quality herbs*
6% molasses

DOG FIT by PreThis® FRESH ingredients:
Crude protein 22%
Crude fiber 10%
Crude oils and fats 7%
Crude ash 7%

*herb mixture consisting of:
Anise span. 6%
Iceland Moss 4%
Nettle herb 18%
Locust beans 4%
Marshmallow root nature 8%
Calamus root nature 4%
Fennel 8%
Linde flowers 2%
Spruce needles 6%
Sage leaves 2%
Spruce shoots 4%
Plantain herb 6%
Elderberry 6%
Liquorice root 6%
Coltsfoot leaves 10%
Thyme 6%

Sufficient for:
– 2 months up to 20kg
– 1 month over 20kg

The product is free of milk sugar and gluten.
DOG FIT by PreThis® FRESH: 1 box = 90g breath herbs (powder)

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