DOG FIT by PreThis®

With over 35 years of experience in keeping, training and treating dogs, we have developed our nutrient system together with veterinarians, alternative animal practitioners, herbal experts and nutritionists – by dog ​​owners for dog owners. Our feed supplements are tailored to the typical symptoms and prophylaxis and are characterized by a very high, natural and sustainable quality of the raw materials in feed quality and certified manufacturing processes. It goes without saying that we do not use gluten, soy, fructose, lactose, yeast, flavorings or artificial preservatives.

The nutrient system, which is unique worldwide, covers a wide range of useful food supplements for dog health and is used with great success by satisfied dog owners and many veterinarians, animal alternative practitioners and dog physiotherapists.

DOG FIT by PreThis® is the original and has been there for your dog for 20 years!

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