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Our Yorkshire Terrier has unfortunately inherited the breed-typical sensitive skin and because of the constant itching it repeatedly scratched his ears and neck. We changed the food several times and tried different ointments, but nothing really helped in the long term. We only noticed an improvement with the DOG FIT product SHINE: In connection with our hypoallergenic food, it has not had any scratched areas for 8 months. The skin now looks much healthier and the coat also shines nicely. We can recommend SHINE for every dog ​​with sensitive skin.
Susanne Bahlow

When our baby was born, it was pure stress for our little dog princess: She was restless, ate poorly and developed very flaky skin and dull fur. Fortunately, with DOG FIT SHINE we got your skin and coat problems under control again very quickly. She has now got used to the new family member well - and I think she even likes the little one a little. And if she should "pull her hair" from stress again, then we now know how we can help her very quickly. Thanks also to the whole team for the great advice and fast shipping! You are great!
The Steib family

DOG FIT by PreThis® CARE senior

I use the DOG FIT products long for my old Zoe and I am very pleased with the quality and compatibility, also because my dog has various food allergies and therefore does not tolerate by any means. Since she is a little older and now suffers from osteoarthritis in addition to their well from sensitive skin, failing eyesight and indigestion, I had her so far on several different drugs. Through DOG FIT CARE SENIOR can give her all the ingredients at once finally: This is not only good for my Lara, but also much easier and cheaper! Thank you for this great new product!
Lara Miller

DOG FIT CARE has been given to us by a friend. I'm concerned I would not have bought it, because I really do not believe in dietary supplements, but my acquaintances raved about how good it would have helped her old dog and ordered me unceremoniously with a pack to try. And what should I say? She was right! Since I give DOG FIT CARE SENIOR, my "old gentlemen" (12) is much better: Running is easier, his coat shines and he acts much younger and fitter than a few weeks ago. In any case I am fully convinced and have been ordering the next pack!
Sarah Schattner

DOG FIT by PreThis® WHITE dental

As I identified tartar in my dog, the vet has recommended a removal under anesthesia- a stressful procedure which I meannot wish to expose sensitive Shila to, without having first tried an alternative. So I asked around a bit and finally to inquire about an acquaintance of the Dog Club of DOG FIT WHITE. Lo and behold: This works so well that even the veterinarian was really surprised. Now my vet also recommends DOG FIT WHITE instead of anesthesia!
Anny London

Because my Rottweiler likes to chew, we have for years problems with their teeth and the tartar had to be removed regularly to the vet. Because you make the treatments under anesthesia more difficult with age, we have researched alternatives and have come across DOG FIT WHITE. The advice in the online shop was knowledgeable, ordering straight forward and the product was delivered in only 2 days. We administered it now since almost 4 weeks and you can already see the success - anesthesia and ultrasonic removal of tartar aref inally in the past for us.
Maggie and Peter Murray


My Westi loves to curl up with me on the sofa in the evening - unfortunately he had very bad breath for a long time, which I so many times had the pleasure taken at the cuddle time. Since I give him DOG FIT FRESH, which is fortunately available: My little has no more bad breath! Also, I have a feeling that the agent also does his digestive well: Since DOG FIT fresh he had no moreconstipation and seems to be lining much better tolerated as before.
Sonja Strehle

When I purchased DOG FIT FRESH for the first time, I myself did not believe in the success, because I had already tried so many different products to eliminate the bad breath of my Great Dane. So far nothing had helped. But DOG FIT fresh made it after a few weeks to make the cloud of breathe from Johnny bearable. And I am confident that the last remnant halitosis will disappear if I continue the gift regularly. Love DOG FIT Team: Thank you for this great product that really does what it says!
Werner Holzheim

DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS collagen

Finally a store with supplementary food for dogs who really thinks about the dog's health! But kudos from me to the owner! We buy the collagen regularly now because it helps our Lucky. His joint pain has really improved. We wanted to cancel our vacation because an expensive operation was planned. But since we give Lucky the collagen everyday, he can run much well and the vet was determined again that the cartilage wear actually increased. Then we decided to cancel that OP once and for all.
Maria Becht

I was corrected! If the dog club discussions on such means as DOG FIT joint collages came, I was always at fordester front and talked about it. But since my Collie suffers from visible joint problems and can barely walk in bad weather yet, I have to revise my previous opinion about these products. A neighbor gave me a sample of DOG FIT joint collagen and despite the usual skepticism; I tried it with the means. Only after a short time my Collie was much better! Then I ordered the PreThis at same time and give the collagen to my dog now regularly with his beloved treat. He eats it without any problems and is now virtually symptom free.
Lukas Herning


1A product! Thank you for the quick delivery! The agent helped my Susi and it seems like their age-related visual impairment is improved somewhat. In any case, she is a lot fitter and is looking forward to roam with me through the forest every day! Category of which I really missed. Lately she had barely come out of her basket and now she can not wait until we go for a walk again. I'm really pleased.
Hannelore Knapp

Thanks to the team of this website! All here are very helpful and extensive, delivery went really incredibly fast! A word about quality of DOG FIT Vitamin B complex: absolute quality means having again awakened the joy of life in our dog! We could not believe it when we recently saw him jump in joy through the garden again despite his great age! Really great! One sees him hardly showing his age when you race him and look at him jumping! The DOG FIT vitamin B complex I can in good conscience continue in any case.
Dolores Schulte

DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS greenshell

I was genuinly skeptical about this product. One hears again and again that these products are to bring not too much. But I really can honestly say that the green lipped mussel my dachshund dog Lora really helps! The dog had severe pain in the legs and she could not walk along the meadows. By chance I got a girlfriend bring these green-lipped mussel and within a very short time my Lora was also much better! At the Prethis Shop: very pleasant and competent contact (had advised me once), super fast delivery and easy handling! Always my pleasure!
Daniela Merz

Great that this product is available! My vet wanted to already administer my dog a long inject (without guarantee of success) because of the real pain of a cartilage defect and because not enough synovial fluid. Then I read in a dog magazine about this mussel from PreThis and at the same time ordered the means at the store. My dog does not need more painkillers and after just 4 weeks! I'm glad! And to the vet I'm no longer in any case. Thank PreThis!
Hakan Gürses


Great Shop! Fast delivery and good therapies to help my dog! For many years I had to deal with different infections of my dog again and again, but the colostrum capsules have his immune system very well strengthened. Since I give him these capsules daily, its vulnerability has significantly reduced. Also, we can now hopefully finally renounce antibiotics. I will now always administer Colostrum and buy again in PreThis Store.
Elsa Algaier

So I actually never thought the colostrum of DOG FIT was of such importance to immune, but what results were achieved with this product with my Gana, is quite amazing. My vet has detected an immunodeficiency in Gana many years ago and prophesied to me that she would not be very old well. Again and again she suffered from various infections, until I discovered by accident the colostrum. I administered it to Gana now for about two months and so far I have found no symptoms of infection. Really great colostrum and I hope Gana now has many healthy years ahead of her.
Horst Roth


We have a 12-year-old German shepherd dog who suffered for about 2 years with visible problems on the hind legs. After countless unsuccessful visit to the vet, a friend from the Dog Sports Club recommended DOG FIT Joints. As our dog was barely able to make a longer walk with us, we thought it can not hurt; we decided to give the DOG FIT Joints joint capsules a try. However, we had little hope that there will be some progress. But after a few weeks we realized that our dog was gradually more mobile in the rear waist! Today, after about 3 months he is again fit and agile!
Marion Zimmermann

So I must say that I am absolutely satisfied with this product. In our Elsa (an 8-year-old, sometimes a bit touchy female dog) an initial osteoarthritis was diagnosed on all four legs three months ago. On our question about what can be done, the vet told us that there are certain products, in which so-called joint nutrients are included and which may be useful for the development of cartilage. However, his recommendation was incredibly expensive. After a brief search on the Internet and consultation in some forums, we then ordered DOG FIT Joints. Quick and smooth handling and behold, our Elsa it's only a short time (about 3 weeks) actually was noticeably better. Thanks to the team.
Hans-Peter Schelling