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Bake your own dog biscuits for Christmas – 3 recipes

Christmas is a time of togetherness, joy and enjoyment. While we humans enjoy festive treats, our four-legged friends shouldn’t be left out either. What could be better than serving dog cookies to our loyal companions this Christmas? In this article we present three delicious, healthy and, above all, grain and sugar-free recipes that are guaranteed to make your dog’s mouth water.
Nov 29, 20232 min reading time
Hornhautulkus bei Hunden

Corneal ulcer in dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

In our article, we look at the aspects of corneal ulcers in dogs, including causes, symptoms and treatment.
Nov 14, 20233 min reading time
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Dog sports should be fun

Dog sports should be fun for the dog. However, the dog’s state of health, weight, age, etc. must be taken into account. Information in the DOG FIT magazine.
Nov 22, 20121 min reading time

Human and dog – a dreamteam

Jan 30, 20191 min reading time

Dog Clothing – Sense & Nonsense

Apr 28, 20151 min reading time

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Tips for dog grooming

Tips for dog grooming

A beautiful coat on a dog is not a matter of course. Here in DOG FIT by PreThis® magazine you will find simple tips for a healthy dog coat.
Sep 4, 20131 min reading time
Allergy to dog fur

Allergy to dog fur

1 min reading time