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DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immun promotes a healthy and strong immune system in your dog with natural colostrum (first milk powder). It effectively supports the dog’s body in successfully confronting pathogens, strengthening it in phases of stress and giving it strength in old age. Our colostrum is characterized by a high proportion of immunoglobulin, natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins. VITAL immun comes exclusively from cows from selected organic farms and the very gentle manufacturing process is certified according to HACCP ISO 9001.

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Colostrum – For a strong immune system

A dog’s immune system is made up of a large number of individual components, each of which has a very special task. If there is an unnoticed decrease in immune protection for just one of these components, a pathogen can spread in the dog’s body and cause an infectious disease. But also in phases of increased stress, during and after illness or pregnancy, the immune system is challenged and naturally it decreases with age. For these reasons, you should always ensure that your dog’s natural defenses function optimally.

Dog colostrum healthy

First and foremost is nutrition

A high-quality and natural diet for your dog is the basic requirement for an adequate supply of nutrients. Unfortunately, many industrial feeds do not always offer enough of it. In order to hide the inadequate or even inferior quality of the raw materials, artificial additives in the form of artificial vitamins, minerals and other food supplements are unfortunately often added. There are also appetizers or fillers, such as grain and corn. Over the years, the advertising industry has ensured that many dog owners see added substances as a quality feature, but this is not always the case. To put it very clearly: no high-quality food requires artificial additives and a healthy dog does not need any!

Like the wolf, dogs are carnivores (from Latin caro – genitive carnis – “meat” and vorare “devour”, “greedily eat”, or zoophages, from ancient Greek ζῷον zoon “living being” and φαγεῖν phagein “eat”). The wolf eats its prey whole, including the stomach contents, the fur, everything. In addition to the nutrients contained in meat, he also receives other important and above all natural nutrients. That has been enough for the animal for thousands of years, because nature has arranged it that way. It is no different with our house dog. But the feed industry wants us to believe that this is not enough and that vitamins are so healthy for the animal.

Micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and proteins are of course also important for your dog. A good food has all of it in order to keep the immune system functional and your dog healthy. But if the immune system is challenged more (deficiency symptoms due to poor diet, illness, age, stress, etc.) it is important to support it in its work. Here food supplements play an important role and only then.

Colostrum – “The Source of Health”

The all-natural DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immun with colostrum from cows from selected dairy farms is the ideal way to naturally strengthen the dog’s immune system. Colostrum (first milk powder), which comes from organic farms, is originally used as the first food in a newborn mammal’s life and is enriched by the mother’s mammary glands with all the important nutrients that the young mammal needs for healthy growth in the first days of life and building the vital immune system.

This first milk is only produced by the mother in the first 2 to 3 days and it has very little to do with normal breast milk. First milk contains the particularly important immunoglobulins, which are responsible for building up the important antibodies. Furthermore, the first milk is enriched with highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins, which support the immune system of the young mammal in building up an immune system in order to be able to fight off the various pathogens. These high-quality nutrients are not only beneficial for the little ones, from young to old dogs too, the canine organism benefits from colostrum. It is not for nothing colloquially called: “The source of health”.

The power of nature for your dog

We use the power of cow colostrum to give your dog important nutrients in the paws that can strengthen and keep him healthy in the phases of greater stress, illness or in old age. And all of this without any artificial feed additives! And don’t worry, there is still enough colostrum left for the little calves, because we only use excess colostrum. This will be meticulously taken care of, I promise!

Our colostrum powder comes exclusively from cow’s milk from controlled organic farms located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is processed particularly gently and has excellent bioavailability. The entire manufacturing process is HACCP ISO 9001 certified and guarantees the best DOG FIT by PreThis® quality from Germany.

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DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immun

Additional information


DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immune contains 500 mg colostrum powder per capsule.

Colostrum powder from cows 500 mg
corresponds to 100 mg immunoglobulin
Gelatine capsule (collagen)
Magnesium stearate (separating agent)

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 67.0 %, crude ash 4.9 %, crude fat 4.1 %, crude fibre 0.0 %.

DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immune: 1 tin contains: 60 capsules = 39.5 g

Feeding advice

Feeding recommendation for DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immune

Dogs up to 2.5 kg: one capsule every 2 days
Dogs from 2.5 to 30 kg: one capsule daily
Dogs from 30 to 50 kg: two capsules daily
Dogs over 50 kg: three capsules daily

If the dog does not accept the capsules, they can be hidden in a treat or in the food.

Please store the product in a cool, dry place away from light.

Free of:

Our product is free from genetic engineering, animal testing, gluten, fructose and artificial preservatives.

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For the environment

Our colostrum comes from sustainable organic farms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We do not use unwanted additives and preservatives. The German production is certified according to HACCP ISO 9001. Green electricity is not only used for the very gentle processing, we also use green electricity in our branches and of course privately.

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