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The collagen – what is it important for?

The structural protein collagen is an essential nutrient for the articular cartilage of a dog. Collagen is found naturally in all articular cartilage, where it has the important task to form particularly high tensile strength and at the same time elastic fibers, which in turn constitute an integral part of the cartilage. These collagen fibers in the cartilage of dogs are used to be able to optimally fulfill their important protective function for the joints and to be able to absorb the forces acting on the joints loads. Unfortunately, however, the body of the dog is not able to produce the important Collagen independently and therefore, each dog must take this structural protein regularly through food. Wherever a joint cartilage has a lower concentration of collagen, so a reduction in the cushion capacity of cartilage is affected and also a decrease cartilage and subsequent joint degeneration can adjust. Thus joint health is endangered.

Collagen strengthens the capacity of the joint cartilage

The result of a decrease cartilage is as said is a reduction in the buffer capacity of cartilage affected, whereby the load effects the movement to the full extent on the joints, i.e. can affect the bones of the dog. In the further course of the articular cartilage degenerates further and within a short time the dog can suffer severe pain and stiffness in the joint. Thus, of course, the agility of the dog and also the joy of life are severely diminished, because nothing dogs love more faithfully is to fulfill their natural urge to move in full. In an advanced stage of collagen deficiency and cartilage degeneration may develop osteoarthritis and / or arthritis.

How is collagen deficiency in dogs?

The collagen deficiency in dogs can be caused by very different circumstances, such as a consistently poor nutrition of the animals or by the natural aging process. Low grade dog food has in some cases only a very low concentration with the importance for cartilage structural protein collagen and therefore many experts see such feed as one of the greatest dangers for the collagen deficiency in dogs. But if constant high-quality food is fed with sufficient collagen, it can come as part of the aging process of the animals to a deficiency, since the collagen concentration decreases in the cartilage in the age of the animals.

DOG FIT by PreThis JOINTS collagen

With Collagen get joint problems under control

Collagen lends itself very well in the acute case of joint problems in order to support the establishment and preservation of articular cartilage and thereby also provide an ideal stress buffering. If the joint is sore effective relief, sound and existing joint pain in most cases is gradually felt. Since the causes of many joint problems result in dogs mostly from described cartilage degeneration and overloading of the cartilage, the collagen, as contained in DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINS collagen, is an ideal substance is to promote the smooth operation of the articular cartilage effectively.