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Collagen – an important micronutrient for dogs

The structural protein collagen is an essential micronutrient for a dog’s joint cartilage, intervertebral discs and connective tissue. Collagen has the important task of forming fibers that are particularly strong and at the same time elastic, which in turn represent an essential part of the soft tissue mass.

With the help of these collagen fibers, the cartilage and intervertebral discs of dogs are able to optimally fulfill their important protective function for the (vertebral) joints, to cushion the impact of stress and to enable mobility. Unfortunately, the dog’s body is not able to produce the important collagen on its own and therefore every dog ​​has to regularly consume this structural protein through food. If there is an under-concentration of collagen, a reduction in the buffering capacity of the cartilage and cartilage decline and subsequent joint wear and tear (arthrosis) can occur. Intervertebral discs become brittle, lose their elasticity and a herniated disc can occur.

Collagen strengthens the connective tissue (fascia), ligaments and tendons

Collagen is also an important component of the connective tissue, but also of the ligaments and tendons. The connective tissue is also located in the area of ​​the joints and, together with ligaments and tendons, contributes to their stabilization. A patellaluxation (the kneecap jumping out) can, for example, be stabilized by sufficiently strengthened connective tissue, as well as firm ligaments and tendons.

How does a collagen deficiency develop in dogs?

The lack of collagen in dogs can be caused by very different circumstances, such as a poor diet with industrial feed or the natural aging process. In some cases, inferior industrial feed has only a very low concentration of the structural protein collagen, which is important for cartilage, and many experts therefore regard such feed as one of the greatest sources of danger for collagen deficiency in dogs. But even if high-quality feed is constantly fed, a deficiency can occur as part of the aging process of the animals, since the collagen concentration decreases as the animals age.

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How do I provide my dog ​​with collagen?

The collagen is very well suited in the acute case of a patella luxation or joint problems to support the development and maintenance of the articular cartilage and the connective tissue and thus to support ideal load buffering and stability. If the aching joint is effectively relieved, existing joint pain will gradually and noticeably subside in most cases. Since the causes of many joint problems in dogs usually result from the described cartilage regression and connective tissue weakness, the collagen, as shown in DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL regeneration, JOINTS and JOINTS elements is an ideal substance to ensure the smooth functioning of the joints effectively to support. In the case of a luxated patella, we recommend JOINTS.

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