Osteoarthritis – the joint wear


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The causes for osteoarthritis in dogs

The cartilage decline (Cartilage loss)

In the advanced age of the dogs many cases regarding reduction of the cartilage dimension occur and the joint grease in the joints, making the joints itself no longer sufficient to be protected from the loads applied. The wear of the individual components usually results from an age-related decrease in cartilage in the course of time – a joint arthrosis. however a cartilage decline is not only exclusively from the aging process of the animals but also from various other factors such as from genetic causes by the breeding of the dogs, from an artificial nutrition as well as from injuries and overload of the joints.

The Joints dysplasia

Also called a joint dysplasia can sooner or later lead to osteoarthritis in dogs. For the joint dysplasia is mostly a congenital or occurring in the course of time because of incorrect position of the joints, which in many cases occur in the hip area of the dogs – the hip dysplasia. Due to the permanent incorrect position of the joints the joint cartilage are constantly under a significant additional burden of the stronger compression of the cartilage exposed. The articular cartilage have a very high degree of flexibility for their important protection function for the joints of the dogs is absolutely important, but the cartilage by the joint dysplasia are very highly compressed and this additional burden on duration is usually not withstand. The result of this burden is not rare in the further course of the cartilage decline and a following osteoarthritis.

Not animal nutrition

Last but not least, as very often the trigger for the osteoarthritis in dogs is also an animal nutrition. By a poor quality or entirely the wrong diet can there be in the articular cartilage of the dogs to a reduced concentration of the important joint nutrients, which for the stability, flexibility and also for the preservation of the cartilage and an adequate production of synovial fluid. The result of this nutrient deficiency of cartilage mass is usually a cartilage decline and a following osteoarthritis. As an important joint nutrients apply: Glucosamin, Chondroitin, MSM, Collagen and hyaluronic acid.

What can be done against arthrosis?

DOG FIT by PreThis JOINTSIn order to prevent osteoarthritis the dog owner must firstly for the healing process as well as for the prophylaxis for the conservation and optimum function of the articular cartilage of his dog administer proper nutrients. This can be the pivot nutrients glucosamine and chondroitin, MSM from our product is DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS are very well, because these substances are also very analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The Pivot nutrients support the body of the dogs the cartilage mass to receive a return to regenerate, formed cartilage synovial fluid to produce and to alleviate inflammation. Osteoarthritis can use this specially designed to meet the needs of dogs concerted nutrient combination, but also to prevent acute joint problems sustained in the long term can be alleviated.