dog-allergyWhat many don’t even know how to interpret, for millions of Germans contact with dogs (and animals in general) is not without danger: They get a skin rash, shortness of breath or even asthma. For example, when dogs shake themselves, hair, dander and saliva inevitably fly around. So that protein molecules that cause allergies in many people.

Are there hypoallergenic dogs or not?

Some dog and cat breeds are described as allergy-friendly, especially in advertising. However, this has not yet been scientifically proven. Why the allergies, i.e. symptoms as mentioned above, arise is still unknown. The desperation of dog lovers after a positive allergy test is certainly understandable. However, hypoallergenic dogs are not a solution. Unfortunately, it is a hallmark of allergy that even small amounts of the antigen can trigger an allergic reaction. And since Can f 1 (allergen) is part of the hair and skin epithelium of all dog breeds, it should hardly be possible to avoid the allergen completely. Even offers of so-called hypoallergenic dog breeds, which are said to release fewer of these allergens, must be viewed with skepticism in view of a new study.

Children from the village/farm are less affected!

Interestingly, it has been proven that children who grew up on a farm are protected against animal allergens in most cases. But that’s not everyone, and it’s not easy to go on vacation on the farm twice a year. But it was read that there has recently been a trend in Germany to set up kindergartens on farms!

If you have symptoms that indicate an allergy, you need a medical examination.

Many patients even suffer from cross-allergies, which means they react to different animal species.
Anyone who shows only weak signs of an allergy when dealing with animals can try to counteract this with a cortisone nasal spray and antihistamine tablets. Possibly you can even keep the pet. If you have severe symptoms such as asthma, your doctor will advise you to keep your distance. However, to part with your four-legged friend, as doctors often experience, is understandably not that easy. Even impossible for some.

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