hund-stressIt has been proven that dogs, like us humans, can suffer from typical everyday stress. There is obesity, allergies, back and joint problems, which have a negative impact on the dog’s well-being. Muscle tension also often occurs. These can have many causes, not just psychological stress, but also incorrect and excessive stress. This can sometimes be a harness that is not on properly or a collar that is causing problems. It doesn’t always have to be a disease of the joints, spine or internal organs. Muscle tension is manifested by local pain. The body reacts unconsciously by tensing the muscles, which are intended to protect and stabilize the body. If there is long-term tension, the muscles become tense and hardened. The muscles can also become shortened, which is also very painful. This is an ugly cycle that definitely needs to be addressed.

There are individual treatments

These make it possible for our four-legged friends to feel better again. There are various massage techniques, acupressure, aroma and light therapy and even Reiki. This is not only accepted by humans, it is also good for dogs. A type of muscle relaxation is the classic massage. The skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles are kneaded with the hands and using various grips. When done correctly, it has a positive effect on muscle tone and tissue metabolism, and is also pain relieving and relaxing. But in order to do this yourself, you should take a course beforehand. Then there is acupressure, which also needs to be learned. But you quickly get used to some of the tricks. In acupressure, the acupuncture points are not stimulated with needles, but with finger pressure or an acupuncture pen. These points can also be felt; they show a slightly changed tissue tone. This can then be pressed in more easily; they are therefore referred to as a cavity. These areas can also be hardened. This is a diagnostic indication for therapy.

The ancient healing art of Reiki

Reiki isn’t just for people either. Reiki can be used alone, but also works well with a massage. Reiki is a very old healing art that was rediscovered in the 19th century. Reiki means universal life energy. However, pet owners who want to use Reiki themselves should have the first Reiki level. There are three degrees. In the individual courses, students are instructed in detail about the art. Anyone who has not yet taken part in a seminar should under no circumstances practice Reiki. Explained by the expert, it is said that without the initiations, the practitioners have no protection and take on the negative energy of the patient. Not only does Reiki relax and calm, it can also enhance other therapies, even the effects of medications. Reiki releases blockages, gives strength and increases resilience.

Feeling, sensing and swinging

Colour therapy or light therapy is also very suitable for preventing illnesses. Color therapy is not about seeing and perceiving the individual colors, but rather about feeling and sensing as well as vibrating. The colors have different vibrations. Particularly warm colors such as yellow, orange and especially red have a vasodilating, warming effect and can therefore relax the muscles. Color therapy can be used with whole body irradiation, treatment of a single area or as color puncture.

Aromatherapy for dogs

It can be a healing support for dogs. Essential oils have a stimulating but also calming effect and lift the mood. They gently relieve a wide range of complaints. For example, lavender oil has a calming effect, thyme has an activating effect, and jasmine oil has a strong antispasmodic and calming effect. Orange and lemon oil brightens the mood. You can also combine a massage with an aromatic oil for your dog. The only difference here is that you rub the oil into your hands and then massage the dog with your hands. It is important to only use 100% natural essential oils! Synthetic ones can even endanger the dog’s health. To strengthen the muscles, regular conditioning of dogs is just as important as it is for humans. Swimming or a water treadmill, for example, are very good.

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