hund-wieseEspecially in spring, when the fresh young grass is growing, you can see a particularly large number of dogs eating the grass. But even experts have to admit that there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. One could assume that there is a vitamin or mineral deficiency in the dog. But studies have shown that even well-balanced and ideally cared for animals like to eat grass.

Are grass just tasty for the dog or is there something else behind it?

Since young grasses contain a lot of vegetable protein, they are perhaps particularly tasty for four-legged friends. It is by no means necessary, as concerned dog owners ask, to take the dog to the doctor. There is an old adage that the dog eats grass to clean its stomach. Everyone has probably heard that before. This is especially the case when the dogs shed. When grooming their fur, they swallow hair. The grass is said to trigger nausea, so that the hair comes out again. But that cannot be confirmed.

Dogs eat grass that should be tolerated

The thesis that eating grass could be due to a stomach or intestinal disease has also not been confirmed. So you should just go ahead and condone the penchant for eating grass. It seems to be part of normal dog behavior. Curiously, however, it has been observed to be “contagious”. Entire groups of dogs have been observed grazing together.

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