Yorkshire TerrierHow often do you see that small dogs in particular, like the literal lapdog, get very spoiled. You get everything, you can do everything. Yorkshire Terriers are the typical example of this, often seen being carried in a handbag.

Even small dogs need rules.

Coming back to the handbag dog, they much prefer to exercise and are looking for something meaningful to do. Small dogs often get far too many toys and too much freedom. But the dogs are hopelessly overwhelmed. Unclear structures and missing rules bring the dog so far that he cannot orient himself to his people. They, too, must learn to take responsibility, not only for themselves, but also for humans and their territory. Owners of small dogs are often not even aware that clear rules are also necessary for them. So if you want to do justice to your little companion, you should definitely educate him as well.

Pampering and misunderstandings

In addition to all the excessive pampering, there are also misunderstandings between dog and master in communication. It is usually well intentioned that the master bends down to the dog to talk to him. What most people don’t know is that they are putting the dog in great distress, because bending over with direct eye contact is considered a threat for dogs. Small dogs in particular react to this with growling and snapping. It is completely wrong to then pick up the dog because you might want to comfort it! But from the dog’s point of view you have a lot of stress, because you asked your human to keep his distance with body signals beforehand, and now you pick him up too!

Do not shy away from contact with larger dogs

Most small dogs are often showered with so much love and attention that they feel pushed into the role of being in charge. They feel that they have a lot of things to take care of and they are overwhelmed with that. Many owners of small dogs often shy away from contact with other dogs, especially large ones. You could do something to the little darling! This is of course not unfounded, the enormous proportions must be taken into account. However, it is still important that they get to know larger conspecifics so that they know that there is not necessarily a danger from them. It makes sense that small dogs would have controlled contact with large, preferably adult, dogs from a young age. Otherwise they will be afraid of them forever. The big dogs should know how to deal with small ones for the first contact. Large dogs are often barked at by small ones when they are walking, which shows that they cannot judge their counterpart.

Education or dog school are important!

A good upbringing includes training the most important basic signals such as sit, down and listening to calls. Also, the little dogs want to be kept busy and not just lap dogs. Running, on a loose leash, retrieving and searching are all part of it. If the opportunity does not really arise, you should also visit a dog school with small dogs.

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