Dog in Autumn leavesCool nights, sometimes sunny days – autumn is also the most beautiful season for most dogs. You can see far away because the trees have been stripped of their leaves and, above all, the furry friends can romp around in the piles of leaves to their heart’s content. It’s not hot anymore, but not really cold either. Perfect for long walks, because every ray of sunshine strengthens the immune system of both dogs and humans. Just half an hour of enjoying the sun, fresh air and exercise contribute to a healthy immune system and keep you and your four-legged friend fit.

Be careful when walking

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when going on longer walks in autumn – the acorn, for example, does not have to be prepared too briefly for human enjoyment. The same applies to our furry friends. Raw acorns can even be dangerous for our four-legged friends because acorns contain tannin. Tannin is one of the tannins, which means that if the dog ingests these substances, they can damage the intestinal flora and the dog can get severe diarrhea and vomiting. If it happens that your dog eats a few acorns, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian. However, you don’t have to worry about acute poisoning leading to an emergency with acorns. However, it is safer to take precautions so that an emergency does not occur in the first place.

Cold protection for the furry friends

dog im wintero protection from cold and wet is also becoming a must, especially now that winter is approaching. If your dog has no undercoat and is bitterly cold, you should definitely choose a rain jacket with lining for your four-legged friend. Even if others smile, you are doing something good for your four-legged friend and saving him a lot of suffering and protecting his health. Even if it gets frosty, we recommend wrapping your dog in a warm winter jacket. This is particularly important for older, not entirely healthy dogs whose immune systems are no longer the strongest. Even the very little ones with short legs should keep their stomachs warm, as they can easily get a bladder or kidney infection. Many dogs are now getting their winter fur, so brushing a lot is important; even if the undercoat is sparse in the summer, the hairs get stuck in the top hair. Dogs with heavy undercoats now look much fluffier and thicker, which is often & is mistakenly confused with weight gain.

It gets dark earlier in autumn

What is very important now is good light for better visibility. It may be that you are still out and about at dusk. It’s not only good for your furry friend, but also for yourself to wear a reflective vest, leashes and harnesses. These are there to make it easier for you to be recognized by drivers or cyclists, joggers and other dog owners.
When walking away from brightly lit roads, a headlamp or LED hat is necessary for the owner and a light-up collar for the dog appropriate. On busy roads, care must be taken to ensure that fallen leaves make the roads slippery and increase braking distances.

Out into the forest with your four-legged friend

Dog in the forestThere is no better place, be it for browsing, climbing or digging. You can try games with your dog that are like gymnastics for him. It’s wonderful when the dog can trudge through thick dried leaves. You can also run it across branches and thin tree trunks lying on the ground. A tip for you if you often travel on the same routes: you can put a few branches in a certain place for the next time. So you can use it again and again as a sports and game tool on the way. You should also make sure to guide the dog with your hand held low so that he can see where he is stepping. You can also give your dog a lot of fun with treats that you hide and organize a search game. For example in leaves, in eggsa root, in embankments, at the front of a wood pile or even in a shallow stream. This way you can always keep your furry friend on their toes and mentally fit! Many dogs also love balancing over low tree trunks,  as this also leads the dog with the hand held low. It helps both fidgety and anxious dogs if you place a trail of food across the tree trunk as a trick. If that doesn’t work straight away, it’s no big deal, just try it again on your next walk. Because everyone knows, practice makes perfect!

Are you allowed to walk freely with your dog in the forest?

If the weather isn’t too cold, the forest is a wonderful playground for the dog in autumn. But you should also be smart about what is allowed and what is forbidden. In Germany this is regulated by the Federal Forest Act. It states that one can enter the forest for recreational purposes. This also applies to the forest areas away from the paths. Then there is the forestry law of the respective federal state – you can certainly look it up on the Internet. Restrictions may also arise in designated protected areas. In general, it is said that dogs running freely must be accessible and are not allowed to poach. Consideration for the wildlife and other people seeking relaxation is absolutely required.

Get your dog fit for the cold season and strengthen his immune system

Dogs in autumnA strong immune system is equally important for dogs and humans. It protects against illnesses, strengthens and stabilizes the organism – not just in the colder seasons. However, especially in older furry friends, the immune system weakens due to the natural aging process. Here you should give your dog a little help, nature has everything in store.

We and many dog lovers have had very good experiences with colostrum. Colostrum is the so-called first milk that newborn mammals receive from their mother within the first 2 to 3 days after birth. It cannot be compared with normal milk because its nutrient content is many times higher. After birth, mammals receive their first immune protection from colostrum and can build up their own immune system. And what is good for the little ones should also be good for the big ones. Whether dog or human, colostrum is also described as a source of health.

The highly concentrated number of vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants cannot be found in any other natural product. Particularly noteworthy is the proportion of immunoglobulin G (IgG), which ensures the important formation of antibodies.

For dogs, we recommend giving our DOG FIT by PreThis ® VITAL immune. It contains a very high quality colostrum powder and is easily fed. Of course, like all of our products, it is GMO-free, free of gluten, fructose and artificial additives. 100% nature for a strong immune system for your dog.

DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immune normally costs 28.95 euros (RRP). For a short time it is available in our original DOG FIT shop for only 24.38 euros per can.

So there’s nothing wrong with testing VITAL immune once, right?


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