Dog-MenschThe dog is much more than just an animal companion, it is our best friend, our buddy and our family member. But not everything is always so perfect. What can be done to improve cooperation? The dog will observe the human as much as possible. That’s exactly what his human should do.

Raising the new family member

Many people start directly with the educational work. But experts say that it is much more important to let the dog settle in first. First you should build a basis of trust and commitment, only then comes the educational work. Of course, minor ground rules should still apply from the start. For example, if you don’t want the dog on the sofa, you have to pull the ripcord right from the start. Or no food from the table if you don’t want it. But the actual upbringing can be postponed for some time.

Security and confidence

Especially with somewhat insecure or anxious dogs, it is important that a person offers them the necessary security. For example, the dog may suddenly be afraid to walk down a narrow alley. Then you should proceed confidently so that the dog knows that he has nothing to fear. Once he dares, give praise and keep crossing the alley until the dog no longer has a problem with it.

Creating routines in everyday life

Here it is also appropriate to create certain routines in everyday interactions. So, for example, you can feed or go for a walk around the same time. The sleeping place should always be in the same place. This gives an insecure dog more security. But beware! With a safe and extroverted dog you should do exactly the opposite, i.e. create as few routines as possible. This keeps the dog more unpredictable and therefore more exciting.

Bond between dog and human

It is very important for a trusting bond to give your dog the necessary protection in the event of danger. This sometimes starts in puppy school. If it gets too much for a puppy, it will naturally run to its caregiver. But very few masters do not notice this and do not respond to it. So it seems to the dog that he gets no help from his human and has to go through it alone. This can be bad for the important bonding work. Of course, this not only applies to puppies, but also to adult dogs.

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