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We are delighted to have Julia Welz, owner of Tier Agil Orthopädie- & Rehatechnik für Tiere from Sunder, as a guest contributor. Enjoy reading!

My name is Julia Welz, I am a graduate engineer and master craftswoman for orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology. After an apprenticeship as an orthopaedic and rehabilitation technician, I completed my A-levels and then went on to study orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology at the TH Giessen. During my studies, I took my master craftsman’s examination at the Federal College for Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology in Dortmund.

Even as a child, I wanted to learn exactly this profession and have never regretted it. Because it’s nice to be able to help people with physical problems so that they can cope better with their everyday lives again.

For this reason, I wanted to make it my mission to help animals with physical problems and thus make their everyday lives easier and alleviate pain.

Julia Welz - A passionate dog owner

Since rescue dog work is physically and mentally demanding work for people and dogs, I support my dogs with the products from DOG FIT by PreThis®. Because of the exertion during training or competition, not all nutrients are always adequately covered by normal food.

Of course, they also receive appropriate physiotherapy as well as strength and conditioning training.

I also support my older dog, who is 13 years old, to cushion the minor “signs of age” and to keep her as muscular and cognitively fit as possible.

Julia Welz orthopaedic and rehabilitation aids for animals

A passionate dog owner

I own 2 Giant Schnauzers myself and do dog sports with both of them (agility and eventing for working dogs as well as rescue dog work).

Both are nationally tested in area search and rubble search, Xara also has the International Mission Readiness Test (MRT) with the IRO (International Rescue Dog Organisation), where I am also active as a trainer and have successfully participated in the World Championship for Rescue Dogs several times. The best results were 10th place with Hexe and 2nd place with Xara in the area search.

Prosthesis for dogs

Back to my profession…

Why orthopaedic and rehabilitation aids for animals?
Humans have been able to be fitted with supports, prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs for a long time. Since 2013, I have been offering a wide range of orthopaedic aids for animals.

I manufacture the aids for each animal individually according to measurements and plaster casts, just as I do for humans. Because every animal is just as individual and special as we are.

The aim of my work is to maintain, promote and restore the health and quality of life of your animal with the orthopaedic and rehabilitation aids I make.

Because of the abundance of different clinical pictures and injuries, a personal consultation and presentation of your animal is essential. A made-to-measure product hardly ever fits and often causes more problems than it helps. Collaboration with your vet and animal physiotherapist is also recommended to achieve the best possible results for your pet’s therapy.

For this reason, the three pillars of successful treatment for me personally are always:

  • Customised for the individual animal
  • Consultation with the vet and/or physiotherapist
  • Personal on-site consultation and fitting of the aids

To Tier Agil: https://www.tieragil.de

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