DogIt also applies to dogs that obesity, allergies, back and joint diseases have a negative impact impact. Well-being suffers. What most people don’t even think about is that dogs can also suffer from everyday stress, just like people. This is because some dog owners often unintentionally transfer their frustration etc. and thus negative energy to the animals. The dog also suffers from muscle tension.

Possible causes of muscle tension

These can have many causes, of course not just psychological stress. The reasons are often incorrect or excessive workloads. These can be small things, such as a collar or a harness that isn’t put on properly. So sometimes the all-clear can be given that it is not a joint disease. The trigger for muscle tension is usually local pain, which causes the body to tense unconsciously. If this happens in the long term, muscle tension and hardening can occur. This can also result in the muscles shortening over time. This creates a restriction in mobility, which can also be painful. An unfortunate cycle.

Treatment methods for dogs

But thankfully there are various treatments that can provide relief. Massages, acupresure, different therapies such as light or aromatherapy, even Reiki are available for dogs. These are all techniques that people also adopt.

For example, the classic massage for dogs: The skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles are kneaded with the hands. When done correctly, it has a pain-relieving and relaxing effect. If you want to do it yourself, you should take a course beforehand.
The same goes for acupressure. You don’t work with needles, but with finger pressure or an acupuncture pen.
Muscle tension can also be relieved with Reiki. This is an ancient Japanese healing art that was rediscovered in the 19th century. If you want to do it yourself, you should definitely be trained for this. When used correctly, Reiki relaxes, calms and gives strength.
The color or light therapies are unusual methods and are also suitable for preventing illnesses. This therapy can be used with whole-body irradiation, on a specific area or as color puncture.
Aromatherapy is of course known for humans, but it can also be used to alleviate various complaints for dogs. A massage with an essential oil, but only pure, can be good for the dog. You rub the oil into your hands and then massage the dog.

Last but not least, sporting activity to build and strengthen muscles is just as important as it is for us humans.

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