dogs play Anyone who observes dogs quickly realizes that they follow an inner urge to frolic, run and hunt. Scientists have already thought about meaning and function, also in relation to humans. They found out that this has always been the case and that it is kind of inherited.

This also applies to many other animals

Especially young animals such as kittens, foals, etc. and also adult animals still have a play instinct in many species. Playing with balls, etc., as well as with other dogs is a pleasure, especially for dogs. But playing is not just a pastime, it is movement training and important to be able to develop well and stay fit.

The master as a play partner

But since it is usually the case that dogs cannot live and play with other dogs, it is important that humans take on the role of fellow players. You should also make sure that the play instinct also adapts to the age of the dog. In the first months of life they are very dependent on playful attention. Dogs don’t need it as much as they get older, but the urge to frolic and run is usually there for life. Playing is also a very good way to strengthen and deepen the relationship with the dog. The owners also learn to understand the behavior better and are happy when the dog is having fun.

What toys should I keep my dog busy with?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive toy, there is a wide range available – simple things such as a ball, a Frisbee disc or a stick are sufficient. A good tip is a sock – the dog can smell that it is from the master and is therefore very popular. You can let him tug at it or let her search for it. (Many dogs are crazy about socks and whenever they get them, they hide them or even bury them outside)

Dog sport as an alternative

Of course, you can also take your dog to dog sports (clubs), “agility training” is very popular. However, there is a risk that, if you take part in competitions, the dog will be overwhelmed or even injured. And you don’t want to do that to your beloved four-legged friend either!

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