dog-forestIf the weather is not too cold and there is little or no snow, the forest is a wonderful playground for the dog. But you should first find out what is allowed and what is forbidden.

In Germany, this is regulated by the Federal Forest Act

It states that one may enter the forest for recreational purposes. This also applies to the wooded areas away from the paths. Then there is the forest law of the respective federal state – it can certainly be looked up on the Internet. Restrictions can also arise in designated protected areas. In general, it means that free-roaming dogs must be available and must not poach. Respect for the wildlife and other people seeking relaxation is absolutely necessary. If in doubt, leave the dog on a leash, so he still has a lot of fun.

There is no better place to browse, climb or dig

You can try out games with your dog that are like gymnastics for him. It is wonderful when the dog can trudge through dense dried leaves. You can also guide it across branches and thin tree trunks lying on the ground. If you often travel the same routes, a tip: You can then put down a few branches at a certain point for the next time. So you can use them again and again as a sport and game. One should also take care to lead the dog with one hand held low so that it can see where it is stepping. You can also give the dog a lot of fun with food crumbs that you hide. For example in leaves, in a root, in embankments, on the front of a pile of wood or in a shallow stream. Many dogs also love to balance on low tree trunks. Since also lead the dog with the hand held low. It helps both fidgety and frightened if you put a track of food over the tree trunk as a trick. If that doesn’t work right away, that’s no problem either. Never force the animal.

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