hunde,welpenIt’s best when people and animals are healthy. But sometimes the unforeseen happens that not only causes suffering, but also potentially high costs. It is therefore important to ensure sufficient protection in advance for the benefit of our best friends.

Puppies are small creatures that need our protection

Especially when a puppy just moves in, he’s usually still shy. Everything is foreign. Anyone who has ever moved knows this. Many puppies are torn from their familiar homes at just a few weeks old and placed in a completely unfamiliar environment. It frightens them when they are well intentioned and constantly being picked up by unfamiliar two-legged friends. You should pay attention to the needs of the new housemate. Otherwise, this can affect the future relationship and the dog’s sense of security.

The behavior of the new owners in the first few days is particularly important

You should give the little dog time to get used to, to explore his new surroundings and his new people for himself. A tip is to spend a lot of time with your four-legged friend in the same room so that he gets used to the smells and movements of the owner. And it is best to always spend a lot of time together at first. Most dogs love to be petted or play together because they need their human pack. The four-legged friends prefer a clear structure in their relationship with their human. They have been shown to be more comfortable when they feel like they can rely on their owner. A regular daily routine with feeding and walking times is also important.

Make sure there are no “traps” for the little furry friend in the house

That means locking all doors and cupboard drawers, they attract curious little dogs and puppies. Houseplants are also questionable, there are even poisonous ones. Then, cleaning and washing agents should never get into the paws of our four-legged friend. Hot stovetops and irons are dangerous if they are knocked off or Bello jumps on the stove because it smells so good. Paper and plastic bags are popular toys, but they can get your head stuck in them. Small parts such as paper clips, jewellery, etc. are things that dogs and all animals like to play with and could be choked on. Affectionate dogs, like all pets, like to run between their humans’ legs or slip through the door at the last moment. This can be dangerous, for example if you are about to close it. This can result in stumbling or trapping your loved one.

A strong immune system is essential!

Dogs are confronted with countless germs every day – in order to stay healthy, they need an intact immune system, especially the very young dogs. DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immun was developed to to optimally strengthen the immune system of dogs. This also applies to puppies, young and adult dogs.

DOG FIT by PreThis IMMUNDOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immun works through the natural power of colostrum, the first milk. Through them, newborn mammals receive the first immune protection from their mother, even before their own immune system starts to work independently. And also adolescent and adult dogs benefit very well from the effect of the first milk. The immune system is relieved, the organism can be optimally protected and strengthened against infections and germs. The first milk is pulverized by us in ultra-modern and very gentle processes and then encapsulated. In this way, all nutrients are preserved and kept for a long time. The first milk comes exclusively from certified organic farms in Germany and Switzerland.

The application is very simple: The colostrum capsule is simply added under the feed according to the instructions or offered in a treat. If the very small dogs do not want to eat them yet, the capsule can simply be opened and the contents mixed with the food. Up to 20 kg dog weight 1 capsule daily, from 30 kg 2 capsules daily. One can up to 20 kg dog weight is sufficient for 2 months, over 30 kg sufficient for 20-30 days.

You can find the popular feed supplement for only 23.95 euros per can in our shop. From two cans the shipping is free, from 5 cans you get another one for free.

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