hund-schlauWhen we humans try to judge the mental abilities of dogs or other animals, we quickly make a huge error in our thinking. We base this solely on human standards and ideas. It is pretended that there are only forms of human intelligence. Every single species, be it dolphins, butterflies or our dogs, have developed their own form of intelligence. This arose under the pressure of evolution as an adaptation process. This is how a species ensures its survival. So if we support dogs and observe them during tests, we will also get to know a new world. This gives us a better understanding of how dogs’ world and perception work. Also why they make decisions in certain situations.

It’s not just dogs that learn something from us

Under no circumstances can dogs only learn something from us. We actually constantly learn something from our dogs, from their way of thinking and making decisions. Dogs, almost all of them, love to be constantly confronted with new tasks and challenges.

A little test for the four-legged friend

Take at least three to four different sized laundry baskets or something similar. Nest them together and place various dog treats in different places in front of the dog’s eyes. It is also important that the baskets have numerous small basket openings, i.e. do not have a closed tub shape. Also nest the baskets at right angles to each other. Then set it up in the garden or on a lawn. It is important that the dog has to try differently each time to get the food. Previous experiments have yielded interesting observations. While some dogs grabbed the baskets or took the smaller ones out of the larger baskets to get to the food, others did it completely differently. They pushed the nested baskets in front of them and even tilted them so that the treats easily fell out of the inside of the basket through the small openings to the outside. Dogs that had this sense of success did the same thing in further attempts, while other dogs continued to struggle with their attempts to solve problems.

What is the conclusion of this test?

A dog’s powers of observation are related to success in tests. Especially how much time is required for each task. At the same time, this is good training for developing creative strategies. Such tests also represent an important contribution to dogs’ learning behavior through trial and error. Every success or failure will help them move forward in their lives and cope better with new situations. He stores all experiences in his brain and has access to them for life.

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