hund-regelnSometimes it is not so easy to keep the balance between the freedom and the limits of our four-legged friend. The following tips may be helpful. First of all, a structured and safe life is important for the dog. A regulated daily routine with regular walks, petting, feeding times, rest and activity times should be adhered to if possible. This brings a certain routine and thus relaxation for the animal. And this relaxation in turn prevents stress and possible aggression. Humans should also show as much calm and composure around the dog as possible. This is very important, but not always possible. Therefore, there must also be retreats for the dog so that it is not too often exposed to human hustle and bustle. This is important, for example, when there are playing children in the household.

Set boundaries for the dog

This can be accomplished in a number of ways, but the most important thing is that unwanted behavior is not rewarded. Basically, of course, but mistakes are often made here. For example, if the dog begs and scratches your arm, for example to get a treat, you should simply ignore him and never give him anything. Our tip: get up and do other things. In this way, the dog learns that its behavior is unsuccessful. If the dog gets too angry during the game or in general, end the game without comment. It is best to do other activities there too – without the dog. You could also ask the dog for a trained replacement behavior and reward it for correct behavior. In this way, the dog learns that from a human point of view it will only be successful if it behaves correctly.

There should also be freedom

Allow the dog a free choice of berths in different places in the apartment. In addition to being close to his master, he sometimes needs distance. When going for a walk, the dog likes to sniff and mark for a long time and often. You should allow that for as long as you want. Even if that sometimes takes time. A large garden is ideal, where the dog can also spend time away from people and has a lot of smells in front of its nose. Or you can look for fenced, safe areas that the dog can explore freely. Of course, people should stay close by. You can also regularly get chew toys like cardboard boxes with treats, etc. that our four-legged friend can manipulate and disassemble. Search games are also useful. It is very important to remember that the dog is allowed to make free decisions. This is the only way for it to develop normally and enough hormones to counteract the stress hormones. In this way, he can become a well-balanced dog and a well-balanced dog shows undesirable behavior much less often.

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