dog in the mountainsSince travel is permitted again with certain conditions, you can go on vacation with your dog again if you want to. There are many options, especially here in Germany, hotels that allow dogs, holiday homes and resorts and many more. You can also become self-employed and go on a trip with your own or rented motorhome to start an adventure camping holiday!

Caravaning with the dog

This is a perfect combination for a vacation. No matter where you go and where you park the motorhome, whether in the mountains or in the dunes – freedom-loving two- and four-legged friends feel comfortable on a camping holiday. All fellow travelers are close to nature and you feel most comfortable in your own, albeit small, home. The dog especially enjoys being out and about with his pack. But it’s not always that simple. Before going on vacation, campers should think about how to equip the vehicle so that the dogs feel good and comfortable on the long journey. When traveling abroad, it is also important to follow the guidelines for the respective country. Traveling itself is usually uncomplicated. The vehicle doesn’t have to be specially equipped, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. It is a legal requirement that dogs be secured in the motorhome while traveling. This can be done, for example, with a harness that is fixed in the belt buckle. It also works in a folding box or a dog garage in the rear. What is important: If you enter another EU country with a dog, the animals need a pet passport issued by a veterinarian with a rabies vaccination record and they must be chipped. (Last year I witnessed the family’s journey to Scotland with their dog by ship and car. So I’m familiar with the regulations.) In addition, different rules regarding leash and muzzle requirements apply in each country. You should definitely clarify this beforehand.

When you are at the campsite, you can experience that some campsites offer little, while others offer real luxury. Doggy stations with poop bags, dog food at the grocery store, and water bowls at the front desk are a given. There are more and more dog showers and special bicycle trailers. This is actually part of the basic equipment of an animal-friendly campsite. Some are so luxuriously equipped that there are dog sitters and trainers, as well as courses and dog clinics. The main thing is that the four-legged friends are welcome. That’s why I recommend checking the respective offer carefully before you start your vacation so that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises.

Travel sickness in four-legged friends?

hund-autoYou often ask yourself what happens to dogs when they get motion sickness? On average, about one in five dogs doesn’t get the car ride. Some people become nauseous and even vomit. Many people feel this with their sensitive senses before they start and show symptoms such as shaking, panting, or they whine and show resistance when they get into the car. Some even lose feces or urine and you don’t want that! Veterinarians explain that most dogs outgrow motion sickness in their first year of life. You no longer show fear when driving and no longer have any symptoms. But there are the sensitive four-legged friends who suffer from motion sickness even after their first year of life. (The same as some people!) Here it is better to go to the vet and get advice. This can also prescribe travel tablets, which are then administered 1 – 2 hours before the start of the journey. The effects last between 12 and 24 hours. If a dog shows travel anxiety when getting in the car but doesn’t vomit, gentle, regular exercise is very helpful. There are also calming remedies from the vet just in case, but these should be used carefully and with caution. I say this very clearly because I am not a fan of chemical clubs. For anxious dogs, a vitamin B preparation, such as DOG FIT by PreThis Vitamin B Complex proven. However, it must be administered a few weeks before the start of the trip and isable to give anxious dogs a little more stability.

What can owners do to support their dog? You should ensure a pleasant, draught-free climate in the car and drive in a calm, relaxed manner. Regular breaks with exercise in the fresh air and plenty to drink are good for both dog and owner. Then it is important to make sure that the dog’s stomach is either empty or only filled with light food. This way you can possibly prevent accidents.

Tip: Take the dog to Lake Constance

Now that you can travel again, nothing stands in the way of vacationing with your dog. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are the states bordering Lake Constance. The secret of Lake Constance is its versatility – swimming, cycling, hiking, sailing, sightseeing – all of this is possible on Lake Constance, even with a dog! Because most destinations can be visited together with your dog. Even the castles can often be visited with a dog on a leash. If you want a particularly spectacular view of the lake (and, on a clear winter, from the Alpine chain to the Black Forest), go to the Pfände, Bregenz’s local mountain. A holiday on Lake Constance is so possible because you can get there quickly. The A 81 and the B 31 lead to all destinations. Dogs are also welcome in almost all hotels, holiday apartments and campsites. Likewise, the average water temperature in July is around 20 degrees, which offers pleasant temperatures for swimming with your four-legged friend.

There are many dog beaches here, so nothing stands in the way of a relaxed human-dog holiday:
Seerhein, Hörnlepark and Smuggler’s Bay in Konstanz, the eastern part of the Altnau beach ,
Friedrichshafen, natural beach next to the outdoor pool,
Lindau, natural beach,
Gohren campsite in Kressborn,
Langenhagen at the mouth of the Argen, Radolfzell in Herzenbad.

Dogs are allowed on a leash during the following activities and can usually even be taken along free of charge. This also applies to shipping on Lake Constance.
Island of Mainau,
Rhine Falls from Schaffhausen,
Pfändebahn in Bregenz,
Pfahlbaumuseum in Unteruhldingen

Wildlife and leisure park in Allensbach,
Ship tour with the “White Fleet” on Lake Constance,
City visits to Konstanz, Meersburg, Überlingen, Hagnau, Friedrichshafen, Lindau

Well, finally, I can only wish you a lot of fun with your dog on vacation. But please be careful and adhere to the distance and hygiene rules, everyone should be familiar with them by now. Because the most important thing is and remains to stay healthy.

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