Hund-SpürnaseA dog’s nose is a marvel of nature. It supplies the dog with 250 million olfactory cells with information. And also – dogs smell stereo, they have one olfactory nerve per nostril. They store the smell in an intermediate floor. So it can be called up and the dog can compare. For example, a simple dog poo that just stinks to humans can create a complete body and personality for the dog.

What the nose can do!

It is sometimes incomprehensible for laypeople what scientists have already researched. Dogs can also find people, and that’s because we lose about 30,000 dander in one minute. They are able to tell whether the person went to the right or left. Or whether he got into a means of transport. There is even a main training taster course for dogs. Trained dogs, e.g. police dogs, can achieve incredible results for the layman.

Practice makes perfect

The nose of the animal is infallible after a short training. Dogs can detect diseases, drugs and explosives, and also, which is also spooky, moods. As an example, I also read that dogs can be trained to recognize if their human has an allergy, such as a nut allergy, if the food contains such a thing.

Dogs smell fear too!

As a study has shown, they can get this under their noses by means of odor samples from stressed people. Added to this is the body language of people who are afraid of dogs. The dog also recognizes this, and if you then walk backwards, it could become uncomfortable.

A good tip in such a case:

Exhale, hands down and keep open. Then don’t stare at the dog, but look past him and above all – smile! Dogs like that.

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