Hund-essenWho does not know that, with many dogs it is as if they are always hungry. They use every opportunity to get something to eat – picking up the crumbs or stealing the sausage from the plate at the unnoticed moment, etc. Large dogs in particular have it easy there. The author has already had the most bizarre experiences, from the freshly baked cake on the counter to the freshly bought sausage that you didn’t put up quickly enough, etc.

Tips and Tricks

There were some really interesting tips to read about how to protect yourself. If there’s nothing to steal, the dog won’t even get any stupid ideas. So, fruit should be placed in a hanging basket, take sausage and cheese out of the fridge just before eating, keep biscuits in cans. Keep dog food in sealed containers too. Don’t lose sight of the laid table for a minute, because dogs take advantage of every moment when their master or mistress is distracted.

Make it clear who owns the food

Make it clear that the food intended for masters and mistresses only belongs to them. Notorious food thieves need a clear “no” – depending on their sensitivity, sometimes spoken harshly and in a deep voice. For practice you can use a laid out roll, blocking the way when he is about to take it. Upright and with a stop signal! Then take the bun to show it’s not his.

Rituals stand the test of time

Teach the dog not to be with you when you eat, and not to beg under the table (a favorite canine practice!). It is therefore best to give the dog a permanent place in the living and dining room, to which it can and must retreat when you are laying the table and eating. There he gets a chewing bone until all the food is cleared from the table. As clever as dogs are, he will soon know that when people eat, they mean retreat.

Begging forbidden!

Begging and being heard often precede stealing. Once given a morsel from the table, our dog will stare at each morsel, trying to hypnotize the human with a pathetic or piercing gaze. Before you become weak, which of course he knows, absolutely refrain from feeding, from the table or the kitchen counter. If you can’t bring yourself to do that, it’s better to lock the doors and let the dog wait outside.

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