border-collieThe Border Collie has been bred and selected for its fitness for use in England for centuries. Queen Victoria of England was a special friend of this breed. Especially because of their intelligence, coupled with their willingness to work and friendliness. Although show lines have been established in recent years, he is a working dog due to his strict selection. Today the dog is still an indispensable assistant for shepherds and flocks of sheep in the English Kingdom. The composition of the Border Collie already says a lot about him, Collie means useful object and Border means border.

The workhorse collie

As early as the 15th and 16th centuries, the Border Collie was selectively bred for its tireless willingness to work and persistent urge to move. Due to the large flocks of sheep and the extensive sheep pastures, such a dog was indispensable for the shepherd. Unfortunately, today in Germany there is only a limited opportunity to use the dog in its original area.

Dog sport as a replacement for the Border Collie

Dog sports are a good option for replacement, but this can also lead to disadvantages. Dog sports are encouraged through the play instinct. Since the Border Collie has a lot of internal activity, general hyperactivity sometimes arises, especially if this movement game continues outside the dog park. That’s good too, the dog just enjoys the games. But it can also become a disruptive factor for the owner.

Exercises for the Collie to avoid hyperactivity

One way to counteract this is to introduce the dog to a different way of life in a relatively short period of time. You shouldn’t give up on dog sports, it’s fun for him and his owner too. But as soon as the dog park is left, the dog should stop. He has to learn to behave differently off the pitch, more in line with his original attitude. When it comes to herding sheep, people “work” there for a certain period of time and then it’s time for work. So games should no longer be played. Obedience exercises with distraction promote the dog’s inner peace, as does cycling with the possibility of free running. In this way, the dog gets to know the dog park as a special event, and outside of it he has to behave differently. If possible, you can take it anywhere, even in the city, in the hustle and bustle. This supports him psychologically and gives him further balance.

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