Hund-StubenreinHousebreaking your dog is one of the first major challenges in the dog-human relationship. It’s not really witchcraft or anything like that.
Most puppies move to their new homes between 8 and 12 weeks of age. One of the first things they must learn is to keep this home clean.

Every beginning is difficult

First of all, the new master should carefully observe the little family member and regularly give him the opportunity to release himself where desired. So initially take him out every two hours and see what happens. Especially when he’s been drinking, eating, or sleeping. Since the little one would also have to go out regularly at night, you should let him sleep in a dog box.

When does the four-legged friend have to go?

Dogs are naturally clean and would not soil their own sleeping space. Thus, the dog will make itself felt when it has to go outside. It is therefore appropriate to either place the box next to the bed in the bedroom or to sleep on the couch in the living room. In addition, he does not feel so alone at first, because he still misses his mother and siblings. Over time you realize when the dog has to go outside. If he gets restless, you immediately take him out into the garden or the green area in front of the house and praise him when he has done something. You can also teach him a command word like “pipi”, which can also be useful later, for example in foreign places.

In stillness lies strength

In the first few weeks, puppies should not go for long walks because the bones and ligaments are still soft. Just walk up and down a piece on a green strip. It is important that the little one has peace and quiet. If there are too many distractions outside, he may not do anything at all and then get started inside because he feels undisturbed there. But please don’t scold too much if it happens, especially not loudly or clap your hands. Then he is frightened and, out of fear, no longer does his business in his master’s presence, but secretly somewhere in the house.

It’s not entirely his fault

It is also important to know that dogs only learn to fully control the sphincter at about 5-6 months of age. Then they can also endure it for a longer period of time. So you can’t really blame the dog, it also plays an equally important role how well people pay attention to their companions and react to their signals.

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