Overweight-DogThe dog’s weight is an individual matter from the owner’s perspective. Sometimes, and with some breeds, it is difficult to see whether the dog is still at a normal weight. But action must be taken at the latest when you do the rib test. If the ribs can no longer be felt because the layer of fat is too thick, the four-legged friend has to lose weight. You can use the bathroom scales to determine how much needs to go down. Weigh the dog and compare the weight with the recommended guidelines for the respective breed.

Slowly but surely reaching your destination

You can lose a few kilos over time without much effort by taking your dog for a walk every day. You should slowly get the dog used to more exercise, i.e. extend the walks over time in order to build up its stamina. When you feel like your dog is fit now, you can let him jump over tree trunks or jog with him.

Motivation plays a big role

Balancing on park benches or wall ledges can also be incorporated as an exercise. You also have to motivate your dog to exercise and make it fun for him. For example, by throwing balls and retrieving sticks, or using a food bag if he needs to be motivated by food. If retrieving doesn’t work right away, you could keep him on a dragline to make sure he doesn’t run off with the prey. This way you can relax a bit yourself, because the dog is the one who is running.

The yo-yo effect also exists in dogs

Once your four-legged friend has lost weight, it’s like with humans, you have to stick with it. But if the dog is older or has previous illnesses, it doesn’t have to be dog sports. That would even be counterproductive. But one or two things can be incorporated into the walk. If it’s regular, that’s a lot and brings fun and something good to the dog’s health and also to your own.

Pay attention to calorie intake

Every dog has a certain number of calories they need every day. If he gets too many calories and doesn’t exercise enough, he will gain weight. It’s that simple. The right amount of calories combined with exercise makes the pounds fall away. However, you should not put your dog on a drastic diet, but rather pay attention to high-quality, fresh food and dry food is not one of them! As with us humans, a balanced and species-appropriate diet as well as sufficient exercise is the basic requirement for losing weight – your health will thank you!

Tip: Black cumin is good for dogs

It belongs to the buttercup family. He originally comes from West Asia, Iraq and Türkiye. Today it is also found in southern Europe, India and North Africa. Black cumin has been known in the Orient for centuries both as a spice and as a natural medicine for many diseases. In recent years it has been known to us primarily as a nutritional supplement for dogs (also for horses and also for people). The whole seeds or the native oil can be taken.

What’s in black cumin?

Black cumin contains many healthy substances, such as a high proportion of essential fatty acids, which the body cannot produce itself and therefore have to be supplied from outside. There are gamma-linolenic acid, which inhibits inflammation and increases blood circulation. Vitamin E protects the body’s cells from attacks by free radicals. Secondary plant substances strengthen the immune system and stimulate metabolism. Then there are many secondary plant substances that are good for use against all kinds of diseases. For example, allergies, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal problems, urinary tract infections and skin diseases.

Black cumin and its effects

Black cumin also works on joint diseases and detoxifies the liver and kidneys. The effect is similar on animals and humans. However, since dogs have a faster metabolism, the dosage must be adjusted and is higher for dogs. Black cumin is not suitable for cats because of its essential oil content. They lack a certain enzyme in their liver, so unlike dogs they cannot break down essential oils.

Our product tip for dogs

If the dog suffers from overweight and perhaps also from bad breath or gum inflammation, we recommend our purely natural product DOG FIT by PreThis® FRESH. It contains16 purely natural herbs that help against bad breath and bacterial infestation in the mouth and throat. Black cumin is also used, which contains many healthy substances that will help your dog lose weight.

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