Dog senior - old dogDogs also get older and are often no longer able to jump, run, see and hear as well as they get older. That’s the passage of time! The author has accompanied many dogs over the years, from puppies to the end, and one thing remains clear: dogs feel and develop best when they are simply allowed to be there, in their family. That means a lot to them. There are dogs like us!

Joint wear and tear (arthrosis)

Dogs (like humans) often experience some aches and pains as they get older. For example, our four-legged friends develop arthrosis later in their lives. The cause is usually age-typical wear and tear on the cartilage and joint bones. Of course, the dog is often in a lot of pain. This manifests itself in the fact that he no longer likes to move; the affected limbs often become lame or even stiff. It is often difficult to get up after lying down for a long time, people are reluctant to climb stairs and people refuse to jump into the trunk for good reasons. But things usually go better on walks because, as they say, the dog warms up again. However, after walking too long or playing wildly, the condition deteriorates rapidly.

The veterinarian can determine the diagnosis with an orthopedic examination and an X-ray. In order to treat osteoarthritis and the resulting pain, several approaches are usually chosen in parallel. If pain is acute, a painkiller is given for a short time. However, older dogs should first have a blood test carried out to see whether the liver and kidneys can metabolically tolerate the medication.

In addition, care should be taken that the weight is not too high, because in overweight animals this puts additional strain on the joints (just like in humans!). Dietary supplements containing glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and MSM are good for joint function, form synovial fluid, have an anti-inflammatory effect and protect joint cartilage. Physiotherapy and controlled exercise also help to keep the affected joints mobile. Unfortunately, hours-long walks and frequent ball games are no longer recommended – unfortunately that’s just how it is with old age.

Our recommendation for old dogs

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