hund-streunerYou immediately think that this only happens when people are not busy enough with their dog and the dog then feels underchallenged. People become uninteresting to him, so he looks for happiness elsewhere. But that’s not always true, some dogs are simply insatiable. You play with him, go for long walks often, devote yourself to training the dog and there’s a lot going on at home. Nevertheless: if the dog sees an open door, he’s gone. They are often hyperactive dogs who run after every adventure. Often the only thing that really helps is an escape-proof fence and a watchful eye. Sometimes the vet can prescribe a remedy or the animal health practitioner can help with Bach flowers.

In love or frustrated?

There are also strays who visit a dog girl or are encouraged to stray by a friend. But it can also be the other way around: another dog frustrates him so much that he runs away. For example, if the dog has been a sole prince for years and suddenly another dog moves in. Maybe just as a foster dog because a person is on vacation. And now he also attracts all the attention of his master and mistress. Our lone prince then disappears and wanders around. Of course that’s not good, because this dog is sad and disappointed. But that doesn’t mean that the connection to people has been lost.

Dogs need attention

If the owner deals with the disappointed dog again, he will be his old self again. The whole thing comes back together when the guest goes home. The author had a lovable mixed breed dog for 13 years. Then the son brought a puppy with him, very lively. Our dog couldn’t get over it, he even lost his house training and started wandering around. Shortly afterwards he was run over on the street. That was very sad.

They often stray out of habit

Of course there are also dogs with a history of strays, for example from animal protection abroad. They often lived on the streets for years; wandering is just normal for them. No matter how well you get along with the new owner, the strays are missing. Such a habit cannot be broken so easily. Targeted training can bring improvement, but there is no guarantee.

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