Dog Breeds Depending on the breed, dogs differ significantly in terms of temperament and requirements. Therefore, every dog lover who plans to buy an animal should ask themselves in advance which dog breed is actually right for them. Very specific aspects of the family circumstances and also your own living conditions must be examined and taken into account when deciding on the ideal breed. Often the right decision is not that easy.

What temperament should the dog have?

Depending on whether, for example, there are small children in the household and how long the dog will be alone each day, you should only choose an animal whose temperament can cope with these circumstances without restrictions and therefore really fits your personal living conditions. For example, if there are children in the household, you should only choose a dog with a gentle and not too stormy nature. If the dog will be alone for a long time every day, it is recommended to choose a dog breed that is not too clingy.

Does the dog need a lot of exercise?

Another important criterion for deciding which dog breed is ideal is the need for exercise of a particular breed. Some dog breeds require several hours of exercise every day and should generally only be kept in an environment where there is a garden There is space in which the dog can move freely. Other breeds are very suitable for keeping in an apartment because they require less exercise and a daily walk with their owner is completely sufficient. Of course, there are many other important aspects that are important when purchasing a dog. If the prospective dog owner is still unsure even after working through the criteria listed here, he or she can confidently contact a dog club and obtain information about purchasing and keeping dogs there.

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