Dog InfectionA hot spot in dogs generally refers to skin inflammation that occurs in a concentrated and localized manner in a specific area. The term “hot spot” comes from the English language and literally means “hot spot”. In general, hot sport in dogs can be attributed to a variety of causes and therefore the treatment is sometimes very different.

The most common causes of a hot spot in dogs

The most common causes of a hot spot in dogs are skin parasites, skin injuries, allergies and contact with skin-irritating substances. The decisive factor for the formation of a hot spot is the constant licking of the dog in the corresponding area due to severe itching or burning sensations. Damp and cold weather can also promote the formation of a hot spot on the dog’s skin.

What does the dog owner have to do about the hot spot?

Since the hot spot is basically a symptom of a prevailing health problem, the trigger for the formation of the hot spot in the dog must of course first be determined. Once the trigger is known, appropriate treatment can be given, such as fighting skin parasites, treating wounds or administering an antihistamine for an allergy and immune system-boosting agents such as DOG FIT Colostrum. It is also advisable to prevent the dog from constantly licking the region where the hot spot is located, for which veterinarians recommend a neck collar. In most cases, the affected area must be completely shaved so that the inflammation associated with hot sport can heal. Disinfecting, drying and wound healing ointments can also be very beneficial for healing.

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