hund-gartenzaunIf you have a garden, you definitely make sure that there is a fence. Sometimes that’s not the case, as an invisible garden fence has recently been offered! It consists of a cable, base station and receiver that the dog carries. Only flags indicating the fence are visible. If the dog approaches the fence, it will be warned with a beep. If it continues to run anyway, there is a current impulse that increases as it continues to run. This system is stated to learn and average the current based on the data.

Mobile fence

This can be used to fence in a garden without the need for a solid fence. It is similar to a sheep pasture fence. This is also available in a small mesh and is actually available for every size dog. The posts are inserted into the ground and can be removed with the fence at any time. So the dog can enjoy a safe and pleasant place.

High up – man and dog

We know that dogs can jump well. But how high can they actually jump? For comparison: the human world record of jumping 2.45 meters has been held by the former Cuban high jumper Javier Sotomayor for almost 20 years. A puma, on the other hand, can jump up to five meters high from a standing position. And our dogs? Race naturally plays a big role here. You also have to decide whether it is a free high jump or whether it should go over an obstacle.

How high do dogs jump?

The record for the free high jump is around 1.73 meters. He is kept by the American dog Cinderella May a Holly Greya. The high jump record over a smooth obstacle is 3.58 meters. A German Shepherd named Volse showed this remarkable performance at a dressage show in Avignon, France. A female Mexican pit bull also recently became known who managed to run up a wall that was around four meters high. You should reconsider what size your garden fence should be at home.

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