Dogs can get bronchitis due to various circumstances and, in general, dog owners should have their four-legged friend treated for this disease by a veterinarian. If bronchitis is not treated, it can become a chronic illness and also a very serious situation for the dog! How does bronchitis develop in dogs and what can you do about it?

Bronchitis in dogs is caused by bacteria

Basically, bronchitis is a bacterial infection that is promoted by various circumstances. Wet, cold weather, a weakened dog’s immune system, dry heated air, hypothermia, irritating and toxic substances that are inhaled – all of these represent clear risks for the dog to become ill with bronchitis more easily. Even parasites that settle in the lungs, such as lungworms, often cause bronchitis in dogs.

How does bronchitis appear in four-legged friends?

Bronchitis is manifested by clear symptoms such as coughing, choking and vomiting, mucous sputum, tiredness of the dog, fever and also shortness of breath. Sometimes bronchitis is associated with refusal to eat, which generally indicates that the dog is not feeling well. If these or similar symptoms occur in your dog, you must consult your veterinarian immediately. If bronchitis is not treated, in the worst case scenario, irreparable damage to the dog’s bronchi and lungs can occur!

How can you treat bronchitis in dogs?

Veterinary medicine has various effective medications available to treat bronchitis in dogs. On the one hand, veterinarians often administer a medication to treat the cough, a medication to loosen mucus and an antibiotic to combat the bronchitis pathogens. The dog owner can also do something to combat his dog’s illness by humidifying the air in the room, treating the dog with inhalations with chamomile or a saline solution and also strengthening his animal’s immune system with DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immune strengthens.

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