Dog SubjugationYou shouldn’t think so, bullying is not uncommon, not only among loved ones, but also among dogs. There are different reasons why a dog is bullied. It’s usually about highly sensitive dogs who are therefore viewed as weak by other dogs. These dogs usually endure all pressure, lie on their backs and show no resistance. Other dogs recognize a potential victim of bullying very quickly.

It is bullied collectively by being pushed over, pinched or subdued. The victim is often dragged around and held firmly in place. If several dogs are together, it may well be that a dog that presents itself as dominant in the group encourages other dogs to bully.

The theory that you shouldn’t help your dog in such situations is not supported by many experts. In these cases, dogs seek help from their caregivers. They have not learned to defend themselves, as is the case with wild dogs. Especially when there are larger dogs and they are in the majority. You can tell that my dog is afraid if he jumps up on me, hides behind me or even barks anxiously. If he doesn’t find help, he will flee in panic. Then he will no longer observe other precautionary rules he has learned.

If the bullying occurs more often, the dog will find going for a walk stressful and will start feeling scared. If you notice that a dog tends to bully by running around other dogs, barking heavily, etc., you should ask the other dog owner to call off your dog. One possibility would also be to scare the other dog away by loud gesticulating and threatening gestures.

The dog can usually resolve the fearful behavior that has arisen if it is brought together with other members of its species who are not so aggressive. Here you can also get help in dog schools. Playtime with other dogs is often offered there. It would be wrong to keep your dog completely away from other four-legged friends. Socialization and healthy self-confidence must be trained.

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