dog-swimmingYes, any dog can swim if they want to. And every dog can swim from birth, some better, some a little worse.

Lots of sports you can do with your dog

But nothing gives him as much fun as swimming. Of course, only if he has been used to water from an early age and has not had any negative experiences with water. Dogs that are a bit clumsy can become real water babies with the right encouragement. In the summer in particular, there is an opportunity for the dog to cool off.

Swimming is an optimal sport for dogs

Because of the reduced weight of the dog’s body in the water, swimming is also a joint-gentle workout. Dogs of all ages, including older dogs, dogs with joint pain or where muscle building is required, should practice swimming as a training and sport. A quarter of an hour of swimming training demands a lot more from the dog than a one-hour walk, it is explained. In addition, the cardiovascular system is strengthened and the nerves are reactivated. There are still many good aspects from improving gait formation to mental well-being.

Dogs that swim regularly are usually healthier

As with humans, swimming with a full stomach is also forbidden. Then, when it’s very hot outside and the dog’s body is also heated, you have to cool down first. As a precaution, you should remove the dog collar or harness so that a paw does not get tangled in it. With flowing waters, as with people, attention must be paid to the flow conditions. Jumping into the water is also not good, there might be pointed or sharp objects on the bottom. And of course you should observe bathing bans for four-legged friends and show consideration for other bathers.

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