a smiling dogAnyone who thinks that dogs can’t laugh because they don’t have a sense of humor should quickly be proven wrong. Because that’s not true, dogs can be real jokers and funny companions. You just have to be careful sometimes when dogs start to smile: their lips go up, the corners of their mouth pull back and the tips of their teeth flash. They show this when they are satisfied, feel good and also when they are happy. So they probably have a sense of humor and can show their sweet smile in some situations.

There is Bello, for example, who is actually not allowed on the couch at home. Of course he keeps trying to get back on the couch, but to no avail. Until one day, the mistress sees an exciting film in the evening and, without paying any attention, strokes the dog and lies comfortably with him on the couch. She completely forgot that he was lying where he wasn’t supposed to be. And what is the dog doing? He smiles with deep satisfaction and enjoys having his stomach scratched by his mistress. Or another situation: the dog that allowed itself to be quietly locked in the garden shed. At some point the master notices that one of the family is missing, the dog. People shout, whistle and search as much as they can, but the playful four-legged friend is nowhere to be found. Quite by chance, the master then goes into the garden house and who of course jumps out to meet him with great joy and wagging tail at his prank? The dog!

Then there is the hopping, buoyant gait that the dog sometimes has. If he has stolen something and he comes rushing along with his loot, he switches to the circus aisle and his face asks mischievously, how was I? Some people have to ask themselves whether dogs really have no sense of humor or are they simply following their instincts? You could cite many things from the life of a dog, you just have to look closely enough and observe the joker.

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