yorkshire-terrierFor many dog owners, changing their fur in spring is a horror. Unpleasant balls of fur can be found everywhere, etc. It is interesting to know that not all dog breeds shed the same amount. As a rule, dogs with a thick undercoat shed more hair than dogs without this insulating layer. Depending on the breed, dogs have an average of 1,000 to 9,000 hairs per square centimeter of skin. Humans, on the other hand, only have 150 to 500 hairs.

Regular brushing, preferably daily, is best. The dead hair has to come out; this is the only way healthy hair can grow back. Combing out also promotes blood circulation in the skin and loose fur can be removed more easily. And you can also remove annoying fleas and ticks. But the right brush is also important! The steel brushes that are often used are not recommended as they can injure the skin. Instead, it is better to use natural bristles or rubber-nubbed brushes. Special brushes with hooks and tines are suitable for detangling, and there are also special devices that can also be used to thin out the undercoat.

The typical time for shedding is spring and autumn. Does the hair loss also occur at other times or does the dog behave differently? For example, if he seems lethargic or no longer wants to eat, health reasons can also play a role. It is advisable to visit the vet, especially if bald patches of skin and circular loss of fur occur. Making shedding easier with food: Enriching food with vitamins is helpful -B, minerals and fatty acids. A good tip is to add a teaspoon of cold-pressed safflower, linseed or rapeseed oil to a small dog’s food. Large dogs also receive a tablespoon of oil. But it’s better to dose carefully. If the amount of oil is too large, it can cause diarrhea.

A tip from nature: Add two to five young, finely chopped dandelion leaves to your food every day for several weeks. This is simple but effective and a good spring treatment for skin and hair. We also recommend the special nutritional supplement for dogs when changing fur in spring and autumn: DOG FIT by PreThis® CARE senior, as well as DOG FIT by PreThis® SHINE.

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