Dreaming DogAlmost every dog owner has seen their pet sleeping. Then the behavior became apparent: legs twitching, growling noises, barking, some even snapped at a phantom in their sleep. But do these lovely four-legged friends just do that because they dream?

Do dogs really dream?

So apparently dogs also dream just like people? This is confirmed by the Canadian scientist, former psychology professor Dr . Stanley Coren at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He has been researching dog behavior for 40 years and has written several books, including “What Dogs Dream.” When asked what dogs dream – various studies have been conducted – the answer was found: mostly scenes from their dog’s life. It is assumed that dogs, like humans, process the experiences of the day in their sleep and replay them in their mind’s eye. But of course no one can say exactly what you see.

Different races dream for different lengths of time

What the dear four-legged friend dreamed of was the hunt for the neighbor’s cat or the experiences while walking with his master. It is interesting that it has also been found that large dogs dream less than small ones. On average, a Great Dane’s dream lasts longer than that of a Toy Poodle. Does a similar effect exist in humans? By the way: It has been proven that cats dream too. The question arises, is the cat now dreaming about the neighbor’s dog chasing it?

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