hundesportThe activities at a dog sports ground serve to promote social bonding between owner and dog, contact with other dogs, and to exercise the animals through their movements. Basically, dog sports should of course bring joy to both the animal and its owner and not turn into stress. It is also important to ensure that the dog’s joints are not overstressed by dog sports, as repeated and constant overloading of the dog’s joints can quickly lead to pain and other joint problems.

Dog sports should probably be measured

In fact, there are always dog owners who mean well and can be seen at the dog park almost every day. However, the owners of the animals are usually not aware that this can pose a real danger in terms of both stress and joint problems in dogs. Basically, the experts recommend that dog sports should be regulated carefully and that the animal should be given sufficient distance from the dog park. For this reason, a few days each week should be planned in which the owner goes out into the great outdoors with his dog, thereby giving the dog the opportunity to fulfill his natural urge to move.

Why can dog sports cause joint problems?

If a dog’s joints and articular cartilage are constantly exposed to high stress, as can unfortunately be the case with excessive dog sports by untrained, overweight or older dogs, this can lead to overloading of the articular cartilage and thus also of the joints themselves. The articular cartilage is naturally responsible for cushioning the stress caused by movements so that they cannot damage the joints. However, if there is serious overload and the resulting permanent compression of the articular cartilage, it can unfortunately no longer guarantee its important protective function and diseases of the dogs’ joints can very quickly occur.

A nutrient deficiency increases the risk

If overloading of the joint cartilage is combined with an unnoticed nutrient deficiency, the risk of dangerous joint diseases and signs of wear and tear increases the joints seriously. For optimal functionality, the articular cartilage is fundamentally dependent on the supply of certain nutrients, which the dog must consume through food. If this nutrient supply is not sufficient, for example through dog food that is not of optimal quality, an unnoticed loss of cartilage in the animals’ joints can occur, which of course, in combination with serious overload due to constant dog sports, poses a serious increasing threat to the dog’s joint health. We recommend the leading joint remedy for dogs DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS. Purely natural active ingredients strengthen the joints and even relieve joint pain in acute cases.

How often can I go to the dog sports field?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in general, because the answer basically depends on the breed of dog and also on the individual nature of the animal. This requires the observational skills of the attentive dog owner, because only they can determine by observing their animal’s behavior when it is getting too much for the dog and when it still feels comfortable in the dog park. First and foremost, the dog owner should pay attention to clear signs of stress and dissatisfaction in their dog and if these signs appear, the dog should under no circumstances be forced to do activities in the dog park.

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