hund-brilleIt cannot be denied that our dogs can think. They sometimes grasp connections more quickly than their two-legged masters. Dogs understand time, space and like to carry out tasks. You can easily find out how smart our four-legged friend is, for example, a test can be carried out in the garden or on a meadow, but preferably without onlookers who could distract the dog.

An example for home:

You place a bowl, possibly on the terrace, and place food in it where it is clearly visible, then sit on a chair with a newspaper nearby – while holding the newspaper towards the dog, who is sitting next to a second person. At the same time, this person forbids the dog from accessing the food. The person then keeps busy nearby, but keeps the dog in sight. Now it’s interesting to watch what the dog does. How long does it take until he starts eating? It is also important to take the dog’s normal behavior into account. The second step is to turn the chair around and turn your back to the dog. The second person no longer controls the dog either. Does the dog realize that it is now easier to steal the food?

Observe whether and how his behavior changes.

You have to keep in mind that dogs, as descendants of wolves and as territorial creatures, can assess risks, whether they are larger or smaller. Furthermore, thanks to their precise powers of observation, dogs can also try to assess how we react to humans. By the way, this dog test was even carried out by the Leipzig Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology carried out. This and other tests found that dogs are much smarter than expected and have very good “social skills”. What a dog has observed or learned is stored in the brain for life and is immediately applied to tasks and problems.

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